Central Party School holds the first open house for foreign diplomats

BEIJING, March 30 C The Party School of the CPC Central School today held the first open house for foreign ambassadors and senior diplomats in China. This is the first stop of a series of open house of the CPC organs co-organized by the International Department and other departments of the CPC Central Committee.

Over 120 ambassadors and senior diplomats from more than 110 countries visited dormitories, dining hall, conference room, stadium and other campus facilities in the drizzle. They also sat in some classes and held discussions with students.

Executive Vice-President Li Jingtian and Vice-President Chen Baosheng of the school introduced the guidelines and measures of the CPC to enhance its governing capacity, maintain its advanced nature, strengthen the cadre training and make the party more learning-oriented, their outcomes and the role played by the Party School. After that, they took questions from diplomats.

Li said to the guests that the Central Party School is a political asset of the CPC, since it cultivates generations of leaders and cadres for the Party and the state by boosting their theoretical level, enhancing their global view, strategic thinking and party spirit, thus providing reliable bedrock for the ruling capacity of the CPC.

The diplomats praised the event as they have gained a deeper understanding about the CPC by the exposure to the CPC's openness and its advanced ideas of enhancing the governing capacity and building a learning-oriented party.