Song Tao Meets with Chairwoman Simons of the National Assembly of Suriname
 ( 2016.09.19 )

Beijing, September 19th-- Song Tao, Minister of the International Department of the CPC Central Committee met here today with Jennifer Simons, Chairwoman of the National Assembly of Suriname.

Song welcomed Simons to attend the activity commemorating the International Day of Peace in 2016. He said that the time-honored China-Suriname friendship enjoys a profound public opinion foundation. In recent years, the two sides have witnessed frequent high-level exchanges, smooth practical cooperation, close coordination in international affairs and a sound momentum of development in bilateral relations. Consistently adhering to the principle that all countries, big or small, should be treated as equals, China regards Suriname as a good friend and partner. China is willing to constantly enhance cooperation in various fields between the two countries and two parties and achieve common development, so as to jointly safeguard world peace and interests of developing countries.

Simons expressed that Suriname respects China's role in maintaining world peace and economic sustainable development as well as other aspects, and looks forward to learning from each other with China to promote respective development and people's well-beings.