IDCPC Holds Briefing Session on “Story of CPC-Green Development”
 ( 2017.09.26 )

Beijing, September 26th, the International Department of the CPC Central Committee (IDCPC) held here today a briefing session on the “Story of the CPC-Green Development”. The CPC Fujian Provincial Committee was invited to introduce the significant theories and thoughts of the General Secretary Xi Jinping on the construction of ecological civilization and the lively practice of green development in Fujian Province to visiting foreign political party delegates, senior foreign diplomats to China as well as representatives from international organizations and foreign chambers of commerce.

Song Tao, IDCPC Minister, pointed out in the speech that the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core has placed green development and ecological civilization construction on a critical position in state governance and administration since the 18th CPC National Congress, emphasizing “We should protect the environment like we protect our eyes and treat the environment like it is our lives.” For the past five years, the CPC has devoted to promoting a rich life for people, a prosperious and strong country and a beautiful China in a coordinated way through solving problems in economic development and ecological protection, striving to establish a modern country with harmonious development between man and nature.

Song said that the conflict between economic development and resources and environment is a world problem. In face of common global challenges, it is necessary for political parties of all countries to strengthen communication and dialogue, exchange good experiences and learn from each other. The CPC actively advocates the green development values, and puts ecological civilization construction into the Party Constitution, so as to promote the idea of green production, green life and green consumption in people’s mind, and make the green development a theme of the era. The CPC undertakes practical efforts to promote green development, guiding enterprises and the public to build green production and life style, establishing and improving regulations and legal system for green development, and actively carrying out international cooperation. China has made remarkable achievements in reducing carbon emission and coping with climate change, and gained its own experience in the process.

You Quan, Secretary of CPC Fujian Provincial Committee, noted in the briefing session that the CPC Fujian Provincial Committee will unswervingly implement the strategic arrangements made by the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, so as to increase great effort to build a new Fujian with creative mechanisms, advanced industries, well-off life being and beautiful environment. Fujian will accelerate the industry transformation and upgrading, put priority on the development of advanced manufacturing industry and modern service industry, and vigorously improve the traditional industry to well perform the “plus and minus” for green development. Fujian strives to supervise and regulate the pollution prevention and environmental remediation, promotes the management of water, air, and soil pollution and focuses on playing tough fight, making visible, tangible and beneficial achievements to bring well-being for people’s livelihood.

Muhammad Faruk Khan, presidium member of the Bangladesh Awami League and Chairman of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism, and Paolo Ferrero, Vice President of the Party of European Left, delivered speeches based on their field studies in Fujian. William Pan, an American professor in Xiamen University made positive comments on China’s efforts to promote green development based on his observation of China’s changes. They expressed that concrete practices and achievements of green development in Fujian are impressive, and a series of innovative theories and initiatives in leading the construction of ecological civilization put forward by the CPC are worth learning for the international community. As human beings share one planet, countries should strengthen international cooperation in promoting green development and protecting the ecological environment.

After the main session, two small seminars also attracted foreign guests. In the seminar on “Blue Rills and Green Hills: Accomplishing a Task without Taking Credit”, five grassroots CPC members, based on their own experience, share the real stories on people’s joint efforts to ecological environment protection, from the aspects including green innovation, soil and water conservation, and poverty alleviation respectively. In the seminar on “Ecology Plus” development model, five of the CPC leaders at city and county level and heads of relevant units, explained mechanism and institutional innovation in Fujian’s ecological development from the aspects including planning, industry, tourism, people's livelihood, and justice.

Prior to this event, the IDCPC invited Yunnan, Hubei, Shanxi, Jiangsu provinces to hold the briefing sessions on “Stories of the CPC”, on a series of the themes of “targeted poverty alleviation”, “supply-side structural reform”, “comprehensively strengthening Party discipline”, and “innovation-driven and transformation development” respectively. These sessions introduced General Secretary Xi Jinping’s new concepts, new ideas and new strategies to foreign political and party leaders on state governance and administration, and specific practices and achievements in the implementation by local CPC committees.