Xu Lyuping Meets with Belgian Multi-party Parliamentarian Delegation
 ( 2017.12.12 )

Beijing, December 12th—Xu Lyuping, Vice-minister of the International Department of the CPC Central Committee met here today with the Belgian multi-party parliamentarian delegation headed by Brecht Vermeulen, President of Interior Affairs and Public Service Committee of the House of Representatives of Belgium.

Xu expressed that in recent years, China-Belgium relations have enjoyed a sound development momentum, with bilateral political mutual trust being continuously deepened and fruitful results being achieved from cooperation in various fields. China is willing to continue enhancing all-round and multi-level exchanges between both countries, in a bid to promote bilateral relations for continuous development.

Vermeulen said that Belgium is a founding member state of the European Union, and has led the way in developing relations with China for a long time. Belgium highly focuses on the convening and important decisions of the 19th CPC National Congress. The enhancement of policy communication and idea exchanges between political parties of both countries is conducive to the development of Belgium-China, and Europe-China relations.