Li Jun Meets with Delegation Led by Head of the Senate's Foreign Relations Committee of Mexico
 ( 2018.08.02 )

Beijing, August 2nd—Li Jun, Vice-minister of the International Department of the CPC Central Committee, met here today on the afternoon with the delegation led by Laura Rojas, Head of the Senate's Foreign Relations Committee of Mexico.

Speaking positively of the fruitful outcomes achieved from China-Mexico cooperation in various fields as well as the strategic and overall influence of China-Mexico relations, Li expressed that the CPC is willing to, together with major political parties in Mexico, strengthen communication and cooperation to help China-Mexico comprehensive strategic partnership in the new era constantly achieve new development. Li also introduced China’s measures and achievements in poverty alleviation and struggle against corruption at inquiry.

Rojas expressed that China is an important direction for Mexico to expand its diversified diplomacy. Various political parties in the Congress of Mexico share a high degree of consensus on enhancing cooperation with China, and stand ready to learn from the CPC’s experience in party governance and state administration, so as to promote Mexico-China strategic cooperation for in-depth and practical development.