China Center for Contemporary World Studies Founded in Beijing

Jan 27, Beijing -- China Center for Contemporary World Studies (CCCWS) was founded in Beijing on January 27th. Its first council meeting was held on the same day and received a written message of congratulation from State Councilor Dai Bingguo.

In his written message, Dai expressed warm congratulations on the first council meeting. He said that today's world is undergoing the biggest and the most profound change in the past hundreds of years and China's relations with the rest of the world are also experiencing unprecedented historical change, with the country's future and destiny increasingly interconnected with the future of human civilization. This is an era in which we Chinese should also maximize our potentials in the studies of world affairs. He wished that the CCCWS and its council would work relentlessly and come up with exceptional and unique research outcomes. It is expected to assume an irreplaceable role in assisting the Party and the sate to make scientific assessment of international situation and properly handle world affairs and accomplish the ambitious goal of national rejuvenation and peaceful development.

Wang Jiarui, Minister of the International Department of the CPC Central Committee and Honorary President of the CCCWS Council said at the meeting that the Center is founded when China is on the path of comprehensive rejuvenation and the global perception on China and on the Communist Party of China is going through historic change. Therefore, the founding of the CCCWS is an important decision aimed at promoting the Party's external exchanges and better serving the endeavor of reform and opening up and grand project of party building through the external work of the Party. The CCCWS should focus on the overall interest and give full play to the role of its council members. The Center should also step up coordination and cooperation, while strengthening its capacity building.

Yu Hongjun, Council President and Director of CCCWS, also addressed the meeting and announced the list of the council members. The meeting was attended by CCCWS council members and representatives from relevant organizations.

The 2011 annual meeting of the editorial board of the Contemporary World Magazine affiliated to the International Department of the CPC Central Committee was also held at the same function.