Xi stresses organizing, motivating women to contribute to Chinese modernization(2023.10.30)
Xi stresses forging strong sense of community for Chinese nation and promoting the high-quality development of Party's work on ethnic affairs in the new era(2023.10.29)
Xi presides over meeting on promoting new breakthrough in full revitalization of northeast China(2023.10.28)
Xi stresses mobilizing workers to participate in national rejuvenation(2023.10.23)
Xi meets Lao president(2023.10.20)
(BRF2023) Xi stresses cooperation, development on new journey toward another "golden decade" for BRI(2023.10.18)
(BRF2023) Full text: Toast by Chinese President Xi Jinping at welcoming banquet of Third Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation(2023.10.18)
Xi calls on Jiangxi to write its chapter in Chinese modernization(2023.10.16)
Xi stresses high-quality development of Yangtze River Economic Belt(2023.10.16)
Xi Jinping addresses reception to celebrate the 74th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China(2023.10.10)
Xi Focus: Xi Jinping Thought on Culture highlighted at key meeting(2023.10.10)
Xi pays tribute to national heroes on Martyrs' Day(2023.10.10)
Xi meets UNESCO chief(2023.10.10)
Xi calls for new, greater contributions to advancing cause of women and children(2023.10.10)
Xi stresses active participation in WTO reform, stronger ability for high-level opening-up(2023.10.10)
Xi calls on Zhejiang to write new chapter in advancing Chinese modernization(2023.10.10)
Chinese President Xi declares 19th Asian Games open in Hangzhou(2023.10.10)
Xi meets Nepalese prime minister(2023.10.10)
Xi meets ROK prime ministe(2023.10.10)
Xi stresses advancing new industrialization in pursuit of Chinese modernization(2023.10.10)
Xi meets Timor-Leste prime minister(2023.10.10)
Xi meets Cambodian king(2023.10.10)
Xi meets OCA acting president, expressing confidence in spectacular Hangzhou Asiad(2023.10.10)
Xi meets IOC president(2023.10.10)
Xi meets Kuwaiti crown prince(2023.10.10)
Xi, Assad jointly announce China-Syria strategic partnership(2023.10.10)
Xi meets Cambodian prime minister(2023.10.10)
Xi, Hichilema announce elevation of China-Zambia ties(2023.10.10)
Xi, Maduro announce elevation of China-Venezuela ties(2023.10.09)
Xi stresses striving for full revitalization of northeast China(2023.09.12)
Xi extends congratulations on DPRK's 75th founding anniversary(2023.09.12)
Xi stresses opening new ground for Heilongjiang's high-quality development(2023.09.12)
Xi Focus: Xi leads China's services sector opening up, cooperation to drive global recovery(2023.09.04)
Xi awarded Order of South Africa(2023.08.25)
Xi says BRICS important force in shaping int'l landscape(2023.08.25)
Xi meets Senegalese president in Johannesburg(2023.08.25)
Xi pledges China's continuous support for Cuba in opposing interference(2023.08.25)
Xi says Chinese modernization to bring new opportunities to China-Ethiopia cooperation(2023.08.25)
Xi calls for high-quality Belt and Road cooperation between China, Bangladesh(2023.08.25)
Full Text: Remarks by Chinese President Xi Jinping at the BRICS-Africa Outreach and BRICS Plus Dialogue(2023.08.25)
Xi says China supports Malawi in exploring development path suited to its national conditions(2023.08.25)
Xi pledges firm support to Republic of the Congo for national independence(2023.08.25)
Xi says ready to strengthen cooperation with Namibia in clean energy(2023.08.25)
Xi says ready to strengthen cooperation with Iran on multilateral platforms(2023.08.25)
Xi says no country should be left behind in global modernization(2023.08.25)
Xi urges China, Africa to join hands for modernization(2023.08.25)
Xi calls for new progress in the governance of Sichuan on his inspection tour of the province(2023.08.02)
Chinese President Xi Jinping declares 31st World University Games open(2023.08.02)
Xi meets Mauritanian president(2023.08.02)
Xi meets Burundian president(2023.08.02)
Xi stresses youth, solidarity, inclusiveness in vision for shared future(2023.08.02)
Xi meets Georgian prime minister(2023.08.02)
Xi meets Guyanese president(2023.08.02)
Xi meets Indonesian president(2023.07.28)
Xi replies to letter from Hong Kong middle school students(2023.07.28)
Xi meets with Henry Kissinger(2023.07.28)
Xi stresses building Beautiful China, advancing modernization featuring harmony between humanity and nature(2023.07.28)
Xi holds talks with Algerian president(2023.07.28)
Xi meets former Philippine president(2023.07.28)
Xi stresses establishing new systems for higher-level open economy(2023.07.12)
Xi expounds on China's policy toward Pacific island countries(2023.07.10)
Xi meets Sogavare, urging enhanced China-Solomon Islands cooperation(2023.07.10)
Xi meets Russian Federation Council speaker(2023.07.10)
Xi urges Jiangsu to take lead in advancing Chinese modernization(2023.07.08)
Xi calls for more achievements in Party's theoretical innovation(2023.07.01)
Xi meets New Zealand PM(2023.06.27)
Xi meets with Vietnamese PM(2023.06.27)
Xi meets with Mongolian PM(2023.06.27)
Xi meets with Barbados PM(2023.06.27)
Xi calls on Communist Youth League to shoulder missions(2023.06.26)
Xi meets Blinken in Beijing(2023.06.19)
Xi meets with Bill Gates(2023.06.16)
Xi holds talks with Honduran president(2023.06.12)
Xi urges Inner Mongolia to pursue green development, advance Chinese modernization(2023.06.08)
Xi stresses building modern Chinese civilization(2023.06.03)
Xi visits Beijing school ahead of International Children's Day(2023.05.31)
Xi stresses accelerated efforts to build leading country in education(2023.05.29)
Xi calls for efforts to further high-quality development of audit work in the new era(2023.05.24)
Update: Xi meets Russian PM(2023.05.24)
Full text of Xi Jinping's keynote speech at China-Central Asia Summit(2023.05.19)
Xi hosts Central Asian leaders in historic Silk Road city for milestone summit(2023.05.18)
Xi holds talks with Kyrgyz president(2023.05.18)
Xi holds talks with Kazakh president(2023.05.17)
Xi Focus: Xi calls on Shaanxi to write new chapter in advancing Chinese modernization(2023.05.17)
Xi holds talks with Eritrean president(2023.05.15)
Xi Focus: Xi calls for making Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region pioneer in pursuing Chinese modernization(2023.05.12)
Xi Focus: Xi inspects Xiong'an New Area, urges new progress for "city of future"(2023.05.10)
Xi stresses building of modern industrial system and high-quality population development(2023.05.06)
Xi meets with senior CPV official(2023.04.26)
Xi stresses solid efforts to write a new chapter in reform and opening up(2023.04.22)
Xi, Lula map out future China-Brazil ties(2023.04.14)
Xi calls for further reform, opening up to drive Chinese modernization in Guangdong(2023.04.14)
Xi holds trilateral meeting with Macron, von der Leyen(2023.04.06)
Xi holds talks with French president on cooperation, China-EU relations, Ukraine crisis(2023.04.06)
Xi stresses further advancing study and implementation of Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era(2023.04.01)
Xi meets Singaporean PM(2023.03.31)
Xi meets Malaysian PM(2023.03.31)
Xi Focus: Xi stresses advancing study, implementation of Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era(2023.03.31)
Xi presides over meeting about theoretical study program and revision of Party regulations(2023.03.31)
Xi meets Putin in Moscow(2023.03.21)
Xi stresses enhancing integrated national strategies, strategic capabilities(2023.03.09)
Xi Focus: Xi stresses healthy, high-quality development of private sector(2023.03.08)
China's national legislature holds 2nd plenary meeting of annual session(2023.03.08)
China's top political advisory body starts annual session(2023.03.06)
China's national legislature starts annual session(2023.03.06)
Xi stresses high-quality development in China's modernization endeavor(2023.03.06)
Xi congratulates Thuong on assuming Vietnam's presidency(2023.03.02)
Senior CPC officials submit work reports to CPC Central Committee, Xi(2023.03.02)
Xi holds talks with Belarusian president(2023.03.02)
Xinhua Headlines-Xi Focus: Xi calls on Party schools to stay committed to nurturing talent, contributing wisdom(2023.03.01)
CPC Central Committee holds consultative meeting on reform plan of Party, state institutions(2023.03.01)
20th CPC Central Committee 2nd plenary session issues communique(2023.03.01)
Xi and his wife meet Cambodian king, queen mother(2023.02.28)
20th CPC Central Committee starts 2nd plenary session in Beijing(2023.02.28)
20th CPC Central Committee to hold 2nd plenary session(2023.02.22)
China achieves major, decisive victory in COVID response: CPC leadership(2023.02.21)
Xi holds talks with Iranian president, eyeing new progress in ties(2023.02.15)
Xi meets Cambodian PM Hun Sen(2023.02.13)
Xinhua Headlines-Xi Focus: Xi stresses grasping, advancing Chinese modernization(2023.02.08)
Xi Focus: Xi stresses efforts to accelerate establishment of new pattern of development(2023.02.01)
Xi Jinping unanimously elected deputy to 14th NPC(2023.01.19)
Xi Focus: Xi calls on non-CPC members to better pool strength, serve overall interests of country(2023.01.16)
Xi stresses need to promote full, rigorous Party self-governance(2023.01.09)
Xinhua Headlines: Xi stresses need to promote full, rigorous Party self-governance(2023.01.10)
Full Text: 2023 New Year Address by President Xi Jinping(2022.12.31)
Xi Focus: Xi addresses 2023 New Year gathering of China's top political advisory body(2022.12.30)
CPC leadership meeting stresses implementing decisions, plans of key Party congress in unity(2022.12.28)
Xi Jinping delivers speech at central rural work conference(2022.12.25)
Xi Focus: Xi meets with Macao SAR chief executive(2022.12.23)
Xi Focus: Xi meets with HKSAR chief executive(2022.12.23)
Xi meets United Russia party chairman Medvedev(2022.12.21)
China Focus: China holds Central Economic Work Conference to plan for 2023(2022.12.17)
Full text of Xi Jinping's address at the opening of the high-level segment of 2nd part of the 15th meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity(2022.12.16)
Full text of Xi Jinping's keynote speech at China-Arab States Summit(2022.12.09)
Full text of Xi Jinping's keynote speech at China-GCC Summit(2022.12.09)
Full text of Xi Jinping's speech at memorial meeting for Comrade Jiang Zemin(2022.12.07)
Xi holds talks with European Council president(2022.12.01)
Xi holds talks with Lao president(2022.12.01)
Xi holds talks with Mongolian president(2022.11.28)
Xi holds talks with Cuban president(2022.11.25)
Xi, Peng Liyuan meet with Thai King Maha Vajiralongkorn, Queen Suthida(2022.11.19)
Xi, Prayut agree on building China-Thailand community with shared future for enhanced stability, prosperity, sustainability(2022.11.19)
Xi meets U.S. VP, expects more bilateral understanding to reduce miscalculation(2022.11.19)
Xi says China develops ties with Pacific Islands not targeting third party, no geopolitical intentions(2022.11.19)
China ready to join Chile for stronger comprehensive strategic partnership, says Xi(2022.11.19)
China ready to coordinate with New Zealand for peace, stability in Pacific Islands region, says Xi(2022.11.18)
Xi calls for building South China Sea into sea of peace, friendship, cooperation(2022.11.18)
Xi calls for solidarity to build Asia-Pacific community with shared future(2022.11.18)
Xi says China views relations with Philippines from strategic height(2022.11.18)
Xi calls for high-quality China-Singapore cooperation(2022.11.18)
Xi calls for building China-Japan relationship fit for new era(2022.11.18)
Full text of Xi's written speech at APEC CEO Summit(2022.11.18)
Xi meets Italian PM Meloni(2022.11.17)
Xi meets Australian PM Albanese(2022.11.16)
Xi meets Argentine President Fernandez(2022.11.16)
Xi meets Spanish PM Pedro Sanchez(2022.11.16)
Xi meets South African President Ramaphosa(2022.11.16)
Xi meets Senegalese President Sall(2022.11.16)
Xi meets S. Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol(2022.11.16)
Full text of Xi's remarks at Session I of G20 summit in Bali(2022.11.15)
Xi meets Dutch PM Rutte(2022.11.15)
Xi meets French President Macron(2022.11.15)
Xi, Biden hold candid, in-depth exchange of views on bilateral ties, major global issues(2022.11.14)
Xi Jinping presides over meeting of Standing Committee of Political Bureau of CPC Central Committee on COVID-19 prevention and control(2022.11.11)
Full Text: Address by Chinese President Xi Jinping at the Opening Ceremony of the 14th Meeting of the Conference of the Contracting Parties to the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands(2022.11.06)
Xi meets German Chancellor Olaf Scholz(2022.11.04)
Xi holds talks with Tanzanian president(2022.11.03)
Xi meets Pakistani PM(2022.11.02)
Xi awards friendship medal to Vietnam's communist party chief(2022.10.31)
Xi Jinping stresses advancing rural revitalization across the board, urges ceaseless efforts to modernize agriculture and rural areas during inspection tours to Shaanxi's Yan'an, Henan's Anyang(2022.10.29)
Xi urges efforts to carry forward great founding spirit of CPC and Yan'an Spirit(2022.10.28)
Xi Focus: Xi stresses striving in unity to fulfill goals set by Party congress(2022.10.28)
Xi Jinping stresses comprehensively studying, understanding and implementing spirit of 20th CPC National Congress(2022.10.27)
Xi Jinping chairs meeting of Political Bureau of CPC Central Committee(2022.10.26)
Xi stresses studying, understanding, implementing guiding principles of key Party congress(2022.10.26)
Profile: Xi Jinping leads China on new journey(2022.10.25)
CPC leadership makes arrangements for implementing Party congress guiding principles(2022.10.25)
Xi Jinping: Always act for people and rely on them in everything we do, embrace great rejuvenation of Chinese nation on all fronts through Chinese path to modernization(2022.10.23)
Communique of the first plenary session of the 20th CPC Central Committee(2022.10.23)
Xi meets with CPC National Congress delegates(2022.10.23)
20th CPC National Congress concludes in Beijing, Xi Jinping presides over closing session and delivers important speech(2022.10.23)
CPC opens 20th National Congress(2022.10.16)
(CPC Congress) China sees historic rise in economic strength: Xi(2022.10.16)
(CPC Congress) Xi expounds on three major events over past decade(2022.10.16)
(CPC Congress) Xi expounds on CPC's central task(2022.10.16)
(CPC Congress) Xi calls for building cultural confidence, strength(2022.10.16)
(CPC Congress) Winning tough, protracted battle against corruption: Xi(2022.10.16)
(CPC Congress) Full, rigorous Party self-governance an unceasing endeavor: Xi(2022.10.16)
(CPC Congress) Xi stresses safeguarding national security, social stability(2022.10.16)
(CPC Congress) Xi stresses upholding, improving policy of One Country, Two Systems(2022.10.16)
(CPC Congress) Xi hails historic achievements, changes in cause of Party, country(2022.10.16)
(CPC Congress) CPC to unswervingly advance cause of national reunification: Xi(2022.10.16)
(CPC Congress) Xi calls for advancing Beautiful China Initiative(2022.10.16)
(CPC Congress) Xi stresses improving income distribution system(2022.10.16)
(CPC Congress) China to work toward carbon goals actively, prudently: Xi(2022.10.16)
(CPC Congress) China dedicated to promoting human community with shared future: Xi(2022.10.16)
(CPC Congress) China will never seek hegemony or engage in expansionism: Xi(2022.10.16)
(CPC Congress) Innovation remains at heart of China's modernization drive: Xi(2022.10.16)
(CPC Congress) Building a modern socialist country in all respects under rule of law: Xi(2022.10.16)
(CPC Congress) Whole-process people's democracy is democracy in its broadest, most genuine, most effective form: Xi(2022.10.16)
(CPC Congress) China to accelerate creating new development pattern, pursue high-quality development: Xi(2022.10.16)
(CPC Congress) Opening new chapters in adapting Marxism to Chinese context, needs of the times: Xi(2022.10.16)
(CPC Congress) Xi underscores role of education, sci-tech, talent in modernization drive(2022.10.16)
(CPC Congress) Next five years "crucial" for good start of China's modernization drive: Xi(2022.10.16)
(CPC Congress) Xi outlines unique features of Chinese modernization(2022.10.16)
(CPC Congress) Xi lists major principles in building modern socialist China(2022.10.16)
(CPC Congress) Xi underlines essential requirements of Chinese modernization(2022.10.16)
(CPC Congress) Xi expounds on CPC's central task(2022.10.16)
(CPC Congress) Xi says great transformation over past 10 years of new era marks a milestone(2022.10.16)
(CPC Congress) CPC achieves overwhelming victory, fully consolidates gains in fight against corruption: Xi(2022.10.16)
(CPC Congress) China joins ranks of world's innovators: Xi(2022.10.16)
(CPC Congress) Past five years truly momentous, extraordinary: Xi(2022.10.16)
(CPC Congress) Xi calls for building modern socialist China in all respects as key CPC congress opens(2022.10.16)
Political Bureau of CPC Central Committee Convenes Meeting, Deliberates on Documents to be Submitted for Discussion at Seventh Plenary Session of 19th CPC Central Committee(2022.09.14)
The CPC Central Committee organizes symposium on economic work with non-CPC personages(2022.08.01)
CPC leadership analyzes economic work, reviews disciplinary inspection report(2022.08.01)
Xi stresses further strengthening armed forces by training competent personnel(2022.08.01)
Xi stresses solidarity of Chinese at home and abroad for national rejuvenation(2022.08.01)
Fourth volume of "Xi Jinping: The Governance of China" published(2022.07.02)
Xi addresses the meeting celebrating the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to the motherland and the inaugural ceremony of the sixth-term government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region(2022.07.01)
Xi stresses listening to people's voices through internet, other channels(2022.06.26)
CPC leadership reviews report on rectification of financial institutions(2022.06.18)
Xi calls for creating a new chapter in Sichuan's development(2022.06.10)
Xi calls for advancing study of Chinese civilization(2022.05.29)
Meeting held to review CPC regulations on political consultation(2022.05.28)
China to work with BRICS to promote common development: Xi(2022.05.19)
Striving for rigorous and targeted epidemic prevention and control(2022.05.05)
Xi stresses healthy development of capital in China(2022.04.30)
Guidelines adopted at meeting on deepening reform(2022.04.19)
Xi chairs CPC leadership meeting on plane crash emergency response(2022.03.31)
Consolidate Sense of Community for the Chinese Nation to Jointly Build the Great Motherland and Create a Better Life(2022.03.06)
Xi stresses ensuring key agricultural products supply, building stronger social security network(2022.03.07)
Xi stresses fostering world-class enterprises(2022.03.07)
CPC leadership meets to discuss draft gov't work report(2022.02.25)
Xi chairs CPC leadership meeting to review report, regulations(2022.01.24)
CPC leadership holds meeting on 2022 economic work, anti-corruption, party discipline inspection(2021.12.06)
Strengthening Cooperation Among Political Parties to Jointly Pursue the People's Wellbeing(2021.07.06)
Update: CPC leadership holds meeting to study economic work(2021.05.01)
CPC leadership holds meeting to study economic work(2021.04.30)
Xi Focus: CPC leadership meeting stresses political building(2020.12.25)
Xi stresses building modern logistics system as support for new development pattern(2020.09.10)
Xi stresses long-term perspective in economic, social planning(2020.08.24)
Xi urges efforts to spur vitality of market entities, promote entrepreneurship(2020.07.22)
Xi chairs leadership meeting on flood control(2020.07.17)
Xi stresses strong public health system to safeguard people's health(2020.06.02)
Xi stresses institutional strengths to respond to risks(2020.04.28)
Xi chairs leadership meeting on regular epidemic control, economic work(2020.04.17)
Xi chairs leadership meeting on regular epidemic control, work resumption(2020.04.08)
Xi chairs leadership meeting on COVID-19 response, economy(2020.03.30)
Xi chairs leadership meeting on epidemic control, economic development(2020.03.18)
Xi stresses overcoming COVID-19 impact to win fight against poverty(2020.03.08)
Xi chairs leadership meeting on controlling COVID-19, stabilizing economy(2020.03.04)
Xi chairs leadership meeting on COVID-19 control, makes donation(2020.02.26)
Xi stresses unremitting efforts in COVID-19 control, coordination on economic, social development(2020.02.23)
Xi chairs leadership meeting on COVID-19 control, economic development(2020.02.21)
Xi stresses improving mechanism for major epidemic prevention, control(2020.02.14)
Xi chairs leadership meeting on epidemic control, noting "positive changes"(2020.02.12)
Xi chairs leadership meeting on epidemic control(2020.02.03)
CPC leadership meets to discuss novel coronavirus prevention, control(2020.01.25)
CPC leadership holds meeting to deliberate reports(2020.01.16)
Xi stresses strengthening checks, oversight over exercise of power(2020.01.13)
Xi stresses always staying true to Party's founding mission(2020.01.09)
CPC leadership hears work reports(2020.01.08)
Booklet of regulation on primary-level Party work in SOEs published(2020.01.08)
CPC leadership meeting stresses staying true to Party's founding mission(2019.12.29)
China holds key economic meeting to plan for 2020(2019.12.13)
CPC Central Committee holds symposium to solicit advice on economic work(2019.12.09)
CPC leadership discusses 2020 economic work, anti-corruption(2019.12.09)
Xi stresses modernization of China's emergency management system, capability(2019.12.02)
China unveils outline for strengthening patriotic education(2019.11.13)
CPC unveils plan for Party member education(2019.11.12)
China Focus: CPC decision on system, governance released(2019.11.06)
CPC issues work regulation for Party schools(2019.11.04)
Key CPC session highlights strength of China's system, governance(2019.11.01)
Xi speaks at symposium soliciting opinions on CPC draft decision from non-CPC personages(2019.11.01)
Outline on boosting civic morality published(2019.10.30)
19th CPC Central Committee holds fourth plenary session(2019.10.28)
Xi stresses development, application of blockchain technology(2019.10.28)
China issues guideline for promoting traditional Chinese medicine(2019.10.28)
19th CPC Central Committee to hold fourth plenary session from Oct. 28 to 31(2019.10.24)
China issues guideline for enhancing ethnic unity(2019.10.23)
Xi meets representatives of PRC anniversary celebrations personnel(2019.10.16)
Xi says no force can ever undermine China's status(2019.10.01)
President Xi reviews armed forces on National Day for first time(2019.10.01)
Xi confers highest state honors on individuals ahead of National Day(2019.09.29)
Xi calls on all ethnic groups to jointly create bright future(2019.09.27)
Xi stresses carrying forward role models' spirit of patriotism, tireless struggle(2019.09.25)
Xi stresses modernizing China's governance system, capacity(2019.09.24)
CPC leadership discusses patriotic education, Party school rules(2019.09.24)
Xi calls for advancing political consultation in China(2019.09.20)
CPC issues revised, new regulations on Party rules(2019.09.15)
Xi stresses synergy, coordination, efficiency in advancing reform(2019.09.09)
CPC issues revised regulation on Party accountability(2019.09.04)
Xi Focus: Xi emphasizes "struggles" to achieve national rejuvenation(2019.09.03)
CPC issues regulations for rural work(2019.09.01)
CPC issues regulation on publicity work(2019.08.31)
Xi Focus: 19th CPC Central Committee to hold fourth plenary session in October(2019.08.30)
China to award commemorative medals to mark 70th anniversary of PRC founding(2019.08.29)
Xi stresses efforts to improve regional economic planning, industrial chains(2019.08.26)
China to build Shenzhen into socialist demonstration area(2019.08.18)
CPC issues work rules on staffing of institutions(2019.08.15)
China issues guideline on strengthening ideological, political education(2019.08.14)
Xi stresses focusing on reform to strengthen military(2019.07.31)
Party, PRC history highlighted in Party education campaign(2019.07.31)
CPC meeting analyzes economic situation, reviews accountability regulation, inspection report(2019.07.30)
Xi presides over symposium for soliciting advice on economic work(2019.07.30)
Central authority stresses implementation of amended civil servant law(2019.07.29)
China releases guideline for enhanced reform in fire service(2019.07.28)
CPC urges finding out problems in education campaign(2019.07.21)
China enhances auditing to evaluate officials' performance in fulfilling economic responsibilities(2019.07.16)
Circular issued to encourage study on Xi's speech on Party building(2019.07.14)
China issues new guideline to quicken building of public legal service system(2019.07.10)
Xi highlights Party building in central Party, state institutions(2019.07.09)
China issues new guideline to improve compulsory education(2019.07.08)
Party and state institution reform helps China modernize governance(2019.07.06)
CPC members exceed 90 million(2019.06.30)
Xi urges sense of mission, dedication in learning from late village official(2019.07.01)
Xi requires deepening CPC's self-reform(2019.06.25)
CPC reviews work rules on staffing of institutions, rural areas(2019.06.24)
China issues guideline for enhancing rural governance(2019.06.23)
Guideline encourages talent to work in remote areas, grassroots units(2019.06.19)
China to promote scientist spirit of new era(2019.06.12)
CPC Central Committee issues circular on study outline of Xi Jinping thought(2019.06.09)
Xi Focus: CPC launches campaign to stress Party's founding mission among members(2019.06.03)
Regulation issued to improve China's cadre selection, appointment(2019.05.27)
China unveils plan to strengthen food safety(2019.05.20)
China to mark 70th anniversary of PRC founding with mass activities(2019.05.19)
China plans to boost rural development via digital technologies(2019.05.16)
CPC to launch Party member thematic education campaign(2019.05.13)
Implementation plan for national ecological civilization pilot zone unveiled(2019.05.12)
CPC stresses improving Party building in urban communities(2019.05.09)
China regulates inspection on building rule of law government(2019.05.06)
China announces guidelines to promote integrated urban-rural development(2019.05.05)
CPC Central Committee issues regulation on evaluation of officials(2019.04.21)
Xi stresses enhanced studies of May Fourth Movement, spirit(2019.04.20)
CPC holds meeting to discuss economy, poverty alleviation, Party publicity work(2019.04.19)
China improves arbitration system to strengthen credibility(2019.04.16)
CPC publishes regulations on work of leading Party members groups(2019.04.15)
CPC decides to abolish 54 central Party regulations, normative documents(2019.04.11)
CPC examines work rules of leading Party members groups, education of Party members(2019.03.29)
CPC Central Committee issues regulation on selection of officials(2019.03.17)
CPC stresses curbing practice of "formalities for formalities' sake"(2019.03.11)
Senior CPC officials report work to CPC Central Committee, Xi(2019.02.28)
CPC regulations on reporting of major issues published(2019.02.28)
CPC Central Committee publishes directive to enhance political work(2019.02.27)
Xi highlights favorable legal environment for reform, development, stability(2019.02.25)
Xi stresses role of finance in serving real economy(2019.02.23)
CPC meeting discusses draft government work report(2019.02.22)
No. 1 central document prioritizes agricultural, rural development(2019.02.19)
China unveils development plan for Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area(2019.02.18)
China issues guideline on reinforced financial support to private enterprises(2019.02.14)
Xi extends Spring Festival greetings, expressing confidence for future(2019.02.03)
Xi extends Spring Festival greetings to non-Communist parties, personages(2019.01.28)
Xi stresses integrated media development(2019.01.25)
CPC meeting reviews work report, Party regulations(2019.01.25)
China to establish modern fiscal, taxation, financial system in Xiongan(2019.01.24)
Xi presides over 6th meeting of central committee for deepening overall reform(2019.01.23)
Xi urges major risk prevention to ensure healthy economy, social stability(2019.01.21)
Xi orders efforts to promote social justice, ensure people's wellbeing(2019.01.16)
Xi calls for "greater strategic achievements" in Party governance(2019.01.11)
CPC issues new work rules on rural primary-level organizations(2019.01.10)
Xi honors two academicians with China's top science award(2019.01.08)
CPC leadership hears work reports(2019.01.07)
CPC issues work rules for disciplinary inspection organs(2019.01.06)
CPC meeting reviews work rules on political, legal affairs(2018.12.27)
CPC meeting underlines core status of Xi(2018.12.26)
China holds key economic meeting to plan for 2019(2018.12.21)
China marks 40th anniversary of reform and opening-up with greater resolve(2018.12.18)
Chinese, foreigners awarded for contributions to reform, opening-up(2018.12.19)
CPC issues regulation on punishment of Party members(2018.12.16)
Xi underlines continuous reform on national supervisory system(2018.12.14)
Xi presides over meeting on economy, anti-corruption(2018.12.13)
Xi presides over symposium for soliciting advice on economic work(2018.12.13)
CPC issues guideline on basic public service(2018.12.12)
CPC issues regulation on management of officials' personnel files(2018.11.28)
Xi stresses strict criteria, fairness in appointing officials(2018.11.26)
CPC issues trial regulation on Party-branch work(2018.11.26)
CPC meeting reviews work rules of rural organizations, disciplinary inspection agencies(2018.11.26)
CPC holds symposium to commemorate 120th anniversary of Liu Shaoqi's birth(2018.11.23)
China to provide more children with affordable preschool education(2018.11.15)
Xi presides over 5th meeting of central committee for deepening overall reform(2018.11.14)
Xi calls for confidence, resolve in reform, opening-up(2018.11.13)
Xi stresses furthering reform and opening-up, elevating city core competitiveness during Shanghai inspection(2018.11.07)
Xi stresses unswerving support for development of private enterprises(2018.11.01)
Xi stresses boosting healthy development of new-generation AI(2018.10.31)
CPC meeting analyzes economic situation(2018.10.31)
China to upgrade central-level disciplinary, supervisory network(2018.10.30)
Xi urges breaking new ground in workers' movement, trade unions' work(2018.10.29)
Xi stresses deepening reform, opening-up in new era(2018.10.25)
Xi stresses building pilot FTZs toward new heights of reform, opening-up(2018.10.24)
Xi makes instruction on work of Party committees' general offices(2018.10.20)
China to build national firefighting rescue team(2018.10.18)
Xi urges deeper military-civilian integration(2018.10.15)
Party building to be strengthened in political advisory bodies(2018.10.14)
Xi demands efforts to improve disaster prevention, build Sichuan-Tibet railway(2018.10.10)
China to launch new round of disciplinary inspection on poverty reduction(2018.10.09)
China to enhance cultural relics protection cooperation with BRI countries(2018.10.08)
Four CPC members awarded posthumous honorary title for bravery and sacrifice(2018.09.27)
China releases five-year plan on rural vitalization strategy(2018.09.26)
China to implement comprehensive budget performance evaluation(2018.09.25)
Xi stresses rural vitalization strategy(2018.09.22)
CPC reviews documents on Party branches, official training(2018.09.21)
Xi calls for focusing reforms on solving practical problems(2018.09.20)
China lays out timetable for SOE deleveraging(2018.09.13)
Xi stresses following path of socialist education with Chinese characteristics(2018.09.10)
Xi pledges to bring benefits to people through Belt and Road Initiative(2018.08.27)
CPC publishes regulations on disciplinary action(2018.08.26)
Xi calls for better fulfilling missions of publicity work(2018.08.22)
China releases guideline on winning battle against poverty(2018.08.20)
Xi requires strengthening CPC leadership, Party building in military(2018.08.20)
CPC leaders hear reports on defective vaccine investigation(2018.08.16)
CPC meeting stresses economic stability in H2, Party discipline(2018.07.31)
CPC central committee holds symposium on economic work(2018.07.31)
Xi requires resolute ending of military's paid services(2018.07.31)
Xi stresses improving innovation capabilities for key, core technologies(2018.07.13)
CPC issues guideline on terms of primary-level organizations(2018.07.12)
China to improve management of state-owned financial capital(2018.07.08)
Xi presides over 3rd meeting of central committee for deepening overall reform(2018.07.06)
Xi pledges to make CPC stronger(2018.07.04)
Xi tells Chinese youth to dare to dream(2018.07.02)
Xi underlines importance of CPC's political building(2018.06.30)
CPC reviews document on selection of young officials(2018.06.29)
Communist Youth League starts national congress(2018.06.26)
CPC orders enhanced Party building in public hospitals(2018.06.25)
China unveils guideline to win battle against pollution(2018.06.24)
Xi urges breaking new ground in major country diplomacy with Chinese characteristics(2018.06.23)
Chinese military phases out profit-making contract work(2018.06.11)
CPC reviews plans on rural vitalization, poverty relief(2018.05.31)
CPC adjusts regulations to suit institutional reform(2018.05.29)
New policies to improve government efficiency, benefit public and business(2018.05.23)
Xi stresses auditing's role in Party and state supervisory system(2018.05.23)
China introduces measures to motivate officials(2018.05.20)
Xi stresses centralized, unified leadership of CPC Central Committee over foreign affairs(2018.05.15)
Xi stresses coordinated efforts in central, local institutional reform(2018.05.11)
CPC pledges to fully incorporate core socialist values in legislation(2018.05.07)
Marx's theory still shines with truth: Xi(2018.05.04)
Xi stresses importance of The Communist Manifesto(2018.04.24)
China's high-quality development off to good start: CPC Politburo(2018.04.23)
Xi outlines blueprint to develop China's strength in cyberspace(2018.04.21)
China publishes master plan for Xiongan New Area(2018.04.21)
Reform plan for Central School of Communist Youth League published(2018.04.19)
Xi calls for efforts to break new ground in national security(2018.04.17)
China unveils guidelines for deepening Hainan reform, opening up(2018.04.14)
Xi stresses efforts to win "three tough battles"(2018.04.02)
Challenges remain for China's poverty relief fight: CPC Politburo(2018.03.30)
Xi presides over 1st meeting of central committee for deepening overall reform(2018.03.28)
Senior CPC officials report work to CPC Central Committee, Xi(2018.03.21)
CPC releases plan on deepening reform of Party and state institutions(2018.03.21)
China's legislatures to improve supervision on expenditure budget, policy(2018.03.06)
Xi stresses military-civilian integration in new era(2018.03.02)
CPC holds symposium to commemorate late Premier Zhou Enlai(2018.03.01)
CPC hears opinions on deepening reform of Party and state institutions(2018.03.01)
19th CPC Central Committee 3rd plenum issues communique(2018.02.28)
China moves on trial reform of IPR cases(2018.02.27)
Xi stresses important role of Constitution(2018.02.25)
Proposed constitutional amendment package unveiled(2018.02.25)
CPC Central Committee to hold third plenary session(2018.02.24)
CPC Central Committee eyes improved Party governance capacity(2018.02.23)
CPC leaders stress high-quality construction of Xiongan New Area(2018.02.22)
China to clear outdated regulations on military-civilian integration(2018.02.22)
Chinese leaders extend Spring Festival greetings(2018.02.14)
Xi extends Spring Festival greetings to non-Communist parties, personages(2018.02.06)
China unveils action plan for improving rural living environment(2018.02.05)
Policies released on China's rural vitalization(2018.02.04)
Working Together to Build a Better World(2018.12.01)
Xi stresses developing modernized economy(2018.01.31)
Safeguarding CPC Central Committee authority "the supreme political principle": Politburo(2018.01.30)
Xi Jinping unanimously elected deputy to 13th NPC(2018.01.30)
China to act against organized crime(2018.01.24)
China determined to remove institutional barriers through reform(2018.01.23)
Revision to Constitution significant to CPC and China's political life: Xi(2018.01.20)
Xi thought proposed to be included in Constitution(2018.01.19)
Party leaders reiterate authority, leadership of CPC Central Committee(2018.01.15)
State Council to report management of state asset to top legislature(2018.01.14)
CCDI pledges to safeguard Xi's core status, crack down upon corruption(2018.01.13)
Xi calls for fundamental improvement of CPC political ecosystem(2018.01.11)
2 scientists win China's top science award(2018.01.08)
China to make cities safer(2018.01.07)
Xi emphasizes upholding, developing socialism with Chinese characteristics(2018.01.05)
China outlines roadmap for rural vitalization(2017.12.29)
Constitution amendment tops agenda for CPC January session(2017.12.27)
Armed police to be commanded by CPC Central Committee, CMC(2017.12.27)
Xi stresses implementation of major policies, integrity of leading officials(2017.12.26)
CPC unveils regulation to promote transparency in Party affairs(2017.12.25)
Xi steers Chinese economy toward high-quality development(2017.12.20)
China to expand pilot reform in ecological damage compensation(2017.12.17)
China must accelerate implementation of big data strategy: Xi(2017.12.09)
Xi stresses new concepts to guide economic work in 2018(2017.12.08)
China to enhance supervision of village affairs(2017.12.04)
CPC to promote transparency in party affairs(2017.11.30)
China regulates environmental audits(2017.11.28)
China should push "toilet revolution": Xi(2017.11.27)
Key CPC departments call for learning Xi's second book on governance(2017.11.22)
Xi calls for "unswervingly" pushing forward reform(2017.11.20)
Xi honors ethical role models(2017.11.17)
Military, armed police required to study CPC congress spirit(2017.11.09)
CMC issues guideline to affirm loyalty to CPC, Xi(2017.11.05)
Xi instructs army to improve its combat readiness(2017.11.03)
CPC launches major post-congress campaign(2017.11.02)
Top CPC leaders reaffirm mission at Party's birthplace(2017.11.01)