China unveils detailed scheme to deepen rural reform
 ( 2015.11.02 )

BEIJING, Nov. 2 (Xinhua) -- China unveiled a rural reform plan on Monday, underscoring the importance of developing modern agriculture and raising farmers' income.

The outline, released by the State Council, China's cabinet, said that by 2020 the agricultural management and rural collective property rights systems will both be improved, and reforms to the rural land system will be rolled out as pilot programs.

The rural financial system will also be reviewed and improved, with policies that benefit farmers and strengthen rule of law, said the document.

Under the economic "new normal", agricultural modernization is essential to stabilizing economic growth, adjusting structure and improving people's livelihood.

China has witnessed substantial improvements to rural development over the decades with the yields of summer grain reaching a record high in 2015 after 11 straight years of increase.