Top authorities stress sound talent selection and management
 ( 2016.03.22 )

BEIJING, March 22 (Xinhua) -- The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) on Monday released a work plan on attracting and maintaining talent, as part of the country's development and rejuvenation.

All local authorities were asked to implement the requirements, which will help to make China a magnet for talented individuals, according to the plan.

The plan asks to break down the shackles hindering talent development on both ideology and institutional mechanism. China should give full play to the vigor and innovation capability of talent, to gain an edge in terms of international talent competition, the plan said.

The plan said following the CPC leadership should be the fundamental principle of China's talent work. The market should also be highly valued and play a key role in the distribution of human resources.

The work of talent recruitment and management should embody an international vision, the plan said, adding that various measures can be employed to gain and retain talented people.

The evaluation system should put equal focus on integrity and ability. It is the practical capacity, demonstrated achievements and contributions that really matter for talent assessment, the plan said, rejecting a former over-emphasis on education and published papers.

The goal is to form a sound system where talent is nurtured, evaluated and distributed systematically, and the whole of society values talent and innovative ideas, the plan said.