CPC stresses loyalty, professionalism of judicial, law enforcement staff
 ( 2017.01.18 )

BEIJING, Jan. 18 (Xinhua) -- A document issued by the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee called on all judicial and law enforcement workers to be loyal to the Party and improve their professionalism.

The document, published on Wednesday, said the country's judicial and law enforcement staff should protect social stability, and promote social justice and fairness.

It stipulated that such workers should have clear political beliefs, high professionalism, commitment and discipline.

Judicial and law enforcement professionals should adhere to the rule of law with Chinese characteristics, follow the correct political direction and stay absolutely loyal to the Party, the document said.

It further said that the CPC's political code of conduct must be strictly observed, and that systems will be established to offer training programs and supervision to guarantee Party loyalty.

The document pledged to improve professional standards for judicial and law enforcement personnel, saying their professional history will be taken into consideration for all promotions, payments and honors.

Judicial and law enforcement workers should strive to use more technology, the document said.

It outlined the code of conduct and work style of relevant workers, as well as guidelines for their social activities.

Any acts that go against the public's interests, or are deemed a dereliction of duty, will be addressed.

The document said that judicial power will be put under stricter supervision and that corruption, abuse of power and other misconduct will be punished.

Moreover, the document pledged better protection for professionals in this sector and strict punishments for any obstructions of justice.