Regulation issued to improve China's cadre selection, appointment
 ( 2019.05.27 )

BEIJING, May 27 (Xinhua) -- A new regulation to improve China's cadre selection and appointment has been released by the General Office of the Communist Party of China Central Committee.

The regulation, made public Monday, aims to strengthen political supervision, exert strict punishments on officials selection and appointment that violate the rules, and enforce accountability on dereliction of duty and negligence in this procedure.

The document clarified that its rules will be applied to a wide range of organs and entities, including organs of the Party, administrative, legislative, supervisory, judicial and procuratorial authorities, and political advisory bodies at all levels, as well as public service institutions and state-owned enterprises.

The regulation demonstrates the key points of the official selection and appointment inspections, mandates to build a working mechanism of supervision and inspection, and orders a pre-service report of certain issues on cadre selection and appointment.

All Party committees should annually report on the selection and appointment of officials, according to the regulation.

The regulation stipulates the Party secretary at the city and county levels must take an examination from a superior organization during their term of service before they leave the position or are appointed to another position.

The regulation stresses serious investigation of problems and misconduct in this regard as well as punishment for violators or those held responsible.

The regulation took effect on May 13, 2019.