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Delegation of the New Komeito Party of Japan to visit China(2006.12.30)
Delegation of the Socialist Party of France to visit China(2006.12.30)
Liu Yandong to Visit Indian and Maldives(2006.12.29)
Delegation of the Cambodian People's Party (CPP) to visit China(2006.12.19)
To Huy Rua, Secretary of the Secretariat of the CPV to Visit China(2006.12.15)
Former French Foreign Minister, leader of UMP to Visit China(2006.12.15)
An Australian National Party Delegation to Visit China(2006.12.12)
The Mongolian Democratic Party to Send a Delegation to China(2006.12.08)
The Communist Party of the Russian Federation Delegation to Visit China(2006.12.05)
Wang Jiarui to visit Brazil, Venezuela and Mexico(2006.12.01)
Former Leader of the Uri Party of South Korea Chung Dong Young to Visit China(2006.11.28)
Zhang Zhijun to attend the congresses of All Russian Party (United Russia) and Party of European Socialists(2006.11.24)
EPP to send a delegation to China(2006.11.21)
Former head of the Grand National Party to visit China(2006.11.21)
Liu Hongcai to visit Nepal(2006.11.17)
Delegation of the Australian Labor Party to visit China(2006.11.17)
Delegation of the Romanian Democratic Party to visit China(2006.11.14)
Liu Qi to visit Israel, Qatar and Kazakhstan(2006.11.10)
Cao Hongxing to attend AKP Congress in Turkey(2006.11.07)
CPC Representative to attend Portuguese Party Congress(2006.11.03)
Chen Fengxiang to visit South Africa and attend Frelimo Congress(2006.10.31)
Fang Li to visit India, Singapore and Malaysia(2006.10.31)
Zhang Baoshun to head a Communist Party of China (CPC) Delegation to Kazakhstan and Poland(2006.10.27)
Fan Zhaobing to attend an international seminar in Tunisia(2006.10.27)
Delegation of the National Party of New Zealand to visit China(2006.10.24)
Legqog will attend the NZ Labour Party annual congress(2006.10.20)
Delegation of Rally for Democracy and Progress of Niger to visit China(2006.10.20)
Delegation of Fiji Labour Party to visit China(2006.10.17)
PCE to send a delegation to visit China(2006.10.13)
CPC officials to attend party talks in Japan(2006.10.10)
Ugandan ruling party to send a study group to China(2006.10.10)
Mongolian parliamentary delegation to visit China(2006.10.10)
The Communist Party of India (Marxist) to send a delegation to China(2006.10.10)
Delegation from Sri Lanka Freedom Party to visit China(2006.10.10)
Belgian delegation from Reformist Movement Party to visit China(2006.10.10)