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Lao party delegation to visit China(2007.12.14)
Delegation of the Conservative Party of UK to visit China(2007.12.11)
Zhang Jianping to attend ANC congress and visit Botswana and Seychelles(2007.12.07)
Antigua delegation to visit China(2007.12.07)
Cadre delegation from Mongolia to visit China(2007.12.07)
LDP former secretary-general to visit China(2007.12.04)
Syrian Communist Party (Faisal) to visit China(2007.12.04)
Large-scale delegation from Japan to visit China(2007.12.03)
Study group of Palestine People's Party to visit China(2007.11.30)
Senior cadre delegation from Burundi to visit China(2007.11.30)
Delegation of PSOE young political leaders to visit China(2007.11.30)
Iranian Delegation to Visit China(2007.11.26)
Wang Jiarui to visit the ROK and Nepal(2007.11.20)
Chen Quanguo to visit the DPRK(2007.11.20)
Zhang Huawei to attend SWAPO Party congress and visit Lesotho(2007.11.20)
Japan's ruling coalition delegation to visit China(2007.11.16)
Palestinian delegation to visit China(2007.11.13)
CPV delegation to visit China(2007.11.13)
CPC Young Cadre Delegation to Visit Finland(2007.11.13)
Liu Hongcai to attend the ICAPP standing committee meeting and visit Iran(2007.11.13)
Du Jiahao to attend party congress in Sudan and visit Yemen(2007.11.13)
Zhang Zhijun to Visit UK, Poland, Bulgaria and Czech(2007.11.09)
DPM Cadre Delegation to Visit China(2007.11.09)
MLP and SPPF Joint Cadre Delegation to Visit China(2007.11.09)
Wang Zhaoguo to Visit Cuba and Mexico(2007.11.08)
Delegation of the Movement for Multi-party Democracy to Visit China(2007.11.06)
Lakas-CMD Cadre Delegation to Visit China(2007.11.02)
PML Secretary-General to Visit China(2007.11.02)
Ma Jinhu to attend international symposium in Tunis,observe the party congress in Egypt, and visit Syria(2007.10.30)
Li Jingtian to attend the 8th national congress of CCM(2007.10.26)
Zang Xianfu to attend NZLP annual conference and UMNO party congress(2007.10.26)
CPC cadre delegation to visit Japan and ROK(2007.10.26)
PDPT Cadre Delegation to Visit China(2007.10.23)
Sonia Gandhi to Visit China(2007.10.22)
UNP Cadre Delegation to Visit China(2007.10.19)
CPP Delegation to Visit China(2007.10.19)
High-Level Cadre Delegation of Laos to Visit China(2007.10.19)
Zhang Zhijun to Visit Germany, Spain, Belgium and the European Parliament(2007.10.19)
Delegation of the Islamic People's Movement of Afghanistan to visit China(2007.10.16)
EPRDF study group to visit China(2007.10.16)
Delegation of CPV Central Committee's Commission for Mass Mobilization to
visit China
Chen Fengxiang to Observe the National Congress of “United Russia”(2007.09.24)
Wang Guoqing to attend international seminar held by YAP(2007.09.17)
Lao guests to visit China(2007.09.17)
SUPP Delegation from Malaysia to visit China(2007.09.17)
Wang Anshun to Attend PCE Party Festival(2007.09.14)
CSPI Cadre Delegation to Visit China(2007.09.14)
SACP cadre delegation to visit China(2007.09.12)
Czech Social Democratic Party Delegation to visit China(2007.09.11)
British Shadow Financial Secretary to visit China(2007.09.11)
CPI (M) cadre delegation to visit China(2007.09.11)
Delegation of the Social Democratic Union of Macedonia to visit China(2007.09.11)
FPR delegation to visit China(2007.09.11)
Guo Yongping to Attend la Fête de L'Humanité and Visit Belgium and Germany(2007.09.04)
Delegation of the Malaysian Chinese Association to Visit China(2007.09.04)
PTB Delegation to Visit China(2007.09.04)
Former President of Tanzania to Visit China(2007.09.04)
Yu Zhengsheng to Visit Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia(2007.09.04)
GNP Young Politicians to Visit China(2007.09.04)
CPC Representative to Attend “Forward!” Festival in Portugal(2007.08.31)
Friendship Delegation from Japan to Plant Trees in China(2007.08.31)
Li Jinjun to visit Senegal, Niger, and the DRC(2007.08.28)
Senior Party Member of Vietnam to Visit China(2007.08.28)
Study Group of WPT to Visit China(2007.08.28)
Party Delegation of Suriname to Visit China(2007.08.28)
Party Delegation from Indonesia to Visit China(2007.08.28)
Study Group of JVP Cadres from Sri Lanka to Visit China(2007.08.28)
Thailand's Democrat Party to visit China(2007.08.21)
Greens/EFA Group to send a delegation to China(2007.08.21)
Wang Jiarui to visit Tajikistan, Georgia, Macedonia, Albania and Turkmenistan(2007.08.21)
Antigua and Barbuda guests to visit China(2007.08.17)
FDP delegation to visit China(2007.08.14)
Austrian Guests to Visit China(2007.08.08)
Senior Party Member of Vietnam to Visit China and Attend Seminar(2007.07.17)
Sāo Tomé and Principe Delegation to Visit China(2007.07.17)
Multinational Party Study Group to Visit China(2007.07.17)
Study Group of Egypt National Democratic Party to Visit China(2007.07.13)
Delegation of LPRP to Visit China(2007.07.13)
Guests from Trinidad and Tobago to visit China(2007.07.10)
Study Group of Brazilian Communist Party to Visit China(2007.07.03)
CPI (Marxist) delegation to visit China(2007.06.26)
PSE Delegation to visit China(2007.06.26)
Qian Yunlu Heading CPC Delegation to Visit Russia(2007.06.24)
Senior Cadre Delegation of the Partido Frelimo to Visit China(2007.06.22)
Party Delegation of Romania to Visit China(2007.06.22)
Party Delegation from Maldives to Visit China(2007.06.15)
Former Deputy Secretary General of SDPJ to Visit China(2007.06.15)
Venezuelan Delegation to Visit China(2007.06.15)
Li Jiheng to attend Founding Conference of the Left. in Germany(2007.06.12)
Senior Vietnamese Official to Visit China(2007.06.11)
Yu Yunyao to Visit Spain and Norway(2007.06.07)
Study Group from Uganda to Visit China(2007.06.05)
Delegation of Vanuatu Greens Confederation to Visit China(2007.06.05)
CPC delegation to visit DPRK(2007.06.01)
Cadre delegation of the WPK to visit China(2007.05.29)
Senior PCC official to visit China(2007.05.25)
Vietnamese provincial party secretaries to visit China(2007.05.25)
Parliamentarian Delegation of Peru to Visit China(2007.05.23)
Wang Lequan to lead a CPC delegation to attend the China-Russia Forum of Political Parties(2007.05.18)
Former LDP Secretary-General to visit China(2007.05.18)
Greek Guests to Visit China(2007.05.15)
Lebanese Guests to Visit China(2007.05.14)
SPD Politicians to Visit China(2007.05.10)
Syrian Party Delegation to Visit China(2007.05.09)
Lesotho Party Delegation to Visit China(2007.05.08)
UNP Delegation to Visit China(2007.04.29)
PDI Delegation to Visit China(2007.04.29)
LPRP Senior Official to Visit China(2007.04.29)
Delegation of the International Department of LPRP Central Committee to Visit China(2007.04.29)
Duan Dunhou to Visit Yemen and Cyprus(2007.04.23)
Delegation of the Institute of Asia Diplomatic and Security Vision Study of the LDP of Japan to Visit China(2007.04.23)
A NRM Delegation to Visit China(2007.04.17)
Vice Minister Liu Hongcai to visit DPRK(2007.04.13)
Vice Minister Zhang Zhijun to attend party congresses of Italian and Australian political parties(2007.04.13)
SWAPO Party delegation to visit China(2007.04.13)
High-Level Delegation of the Parti Democratique du Gabon to Visit China(2007.04.06)
Delegation of the Popular Party of Spain MPs to Visit China(2007.04.03)
Parliamentarian Delegation of Mongolia to Visit China(2007.03.27)
Deputy Chairman of the National Congress of Sudan to Visit China(2007.03.23)
Delegation of the Progressive Party of Working People of Cyprus to Visit China(2007.03.23)
South Korean Cross-Party MP Delegation to Visit China(2007.03.20)
Ma Wenpu to visit Azerbaijan, Romania and Croatia(2007.03.20)
An ANC Delegation to Visit China(2007.03.16)
Leader of Human Rights Protection Party, Prime Minister of Samoa to Visit China(2007.03.16)
A Sri Lanka Party Delegation to Visit China(2007.03.14)
A ZANU-PF Delegation to Visit China(2007.03.14)
Delegation of the Ruling Parties of Japan to Visit China(2007.03.09)
Senior Delegation of Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front to Visit China(2007.03.06)
Turkmenistan Democratic Party Delegation to visit China(2007.03.06)
A Delegation of Korean Female MPs to Visit China(2007.03.02)
A Cape Verde Party Delegation to Visit China(2007.03.02)
Senior Delegation of the Communist Party of Vietnam to Visit China(2007.03.02)
Gao Junliang to Head A CPC Delegation of Goodwill to Visit India, Singapore and Vietnam(2007.02.27)
A United National Movement of Georgia Delegation to Visit China(2007.02.27)
A Democratic Left Alliance of Poland Delegation to Visit China(2007.02.27)
Liu Hongcai to attend 7th Standing Committee meeting of ICAPP(2007.02.16)
Qiu Yuanping to attend Party Congress of Just Russia(2007.02.16)
LDP Delegation to visit China(2007.02.16)
Delegation of the Communist Party of Cuba to visit China(2007.02.16)
LDP Member of the House of Representatives of Japan to Visit China(2007.01.30)
Cheng Fengxiang to visit Cuba and Argentina(2007.01.23)
Liu Hongcai to attend the international conference on Gandhian philosophy(2007.01.23)
Party Delegation from Peru to Visit China(2007.01.16)
PTB senator to visit China(2007.01.12)
Senior cadre delegation of the Justice and Development Party of Turkey (AKP) to visit China(2007.01.09)
Wang Jiarui to visit Japan(2007.01.09)
Chen Jianguo to visit Vietnam, the Laos and Cambodia(2007.01.09)
Croatian Delegation to Visit China(2007.01.05)
Zhang Zhijun to Visit Sudan, Jordan and Syria(2007.01.05)