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NDA Delegation to Visit China(2008.12.30)
NDP Study Group to Visit China(2008.12.30)
Wang Jiarui to Visit Mongolia(2008.12.16)
CPC Good-will Delegation to Visit Iran and Sudan(2008.12.12)
Li Jiheng to visit the DPRK, the ROK and Japan(2008.12.09)
Study group of the Syrian Arab Socialist Baath Party to visit China(2008.12.09)
Study group of the PCRM to visit China(2008.12.09)
Study group of the Democratic Labor Party of Brazil to visit China(2008.12.09)
CDU Delegation to Visit China(2008.12.05)
CPP Delegation to Visit China(2008.12.05)
Delegation of the A Just Russia to Visit China(2008.12.05)
Djibouti Party Cadres to Visit China(2008.12.05)
PES young politicians to visit China(2008.12.02)
FRELIMO study group to visit China(2008.12.02)
Algerian RND study group to visit China(2008.12.02)
CPI(M) delegation to visit China(2008.11.28)
CPC Representative to Attend Party Congress in Portugal(2008.11.25)
CPC Representative to Attend CPRF Congress(2008.11.25)
Algerian MSP Delegation to Visit China(2008.11.19)
GNP Politicians to Visit China(2008.11.18)
Grenadian NDC Study Group to Visit China(2008.11.18)
Sun Xiaoqun to visit Russia and Bulgaria(2008.11.14)
Pakistani Parliamentarians to Visit China(2008.11.11)
AKP Cadres to Visit China(2008.11.11)
EPRDF Cadres to Visit China(2008.11.11)
He Lifeng to Visit Botswana and Mauritius(2008.11.11)
Delegation of the National Unity Front of Bolivia to Visit China(2008.11.07)
CPV delegation to visit China(2008.11.04)
CPC delegation to visit Germany, France, and Austria(2008.10.31)
Delegation of Prosperous Armenia to visit China(2008.10.27)
WPK study group to visit China(2008.10.27)
ROK young politicians to visit China(2008.10.24)
Delegation of the Greek New Democracy to visit China(2008.10.24)
SPD official to visit China(2008.10.24)
CPC representative to attend party conferences in Egypt and Tunisia(2008.10.24)
CPC delegation to visit Vietnam(2008.10.24)
Algerian National Liberation Front to Send a Study Group to China(2008.10.21)
Uruguay Delegation to Visit China(2008.10.17)
Delegation of the Yemen Socialist Party to Visit China(2008.10.14)
Delegation of the Mauritius Labor Party to Visit China(2008.10.14)
PB Member of the LPRP and Lao Deputy Prime Minister to Visit China(2008.10.14)
MPS Delegation to Visit China(2008.10.14)
UMP delegation to Visit China(2008.10.10)
Delegation of the Party of I Love Madagascar to Visit China(2008.10.10)
Delegation of the Israeli Labor Party to Visit China(2008.10.10)
Chen Fengxiang to Visit Turkmenistan, Serbia, Montenegro and Slovakia(2008.10.10)
Liu Hongcai to visit Sri Lanka(2008.10.06)
Delegation of the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iraq to Visit China(2008.09.30)
National President of the ALP and Premier of South Australia to Visit China(2008.09.30)
CCM Study Group of Tanzania to Visit China(2008.09.16)
CPI Delegation to Visit China(2008.09.16)
LPRP to Send a High-level Study Group to China(2008.09.12)
Liberian Ruling Party Delegation to Visit China(2008.09.12)
Vice-president of the CPC Central Party School to visit Ethiopia and Mozambique(2008.09.09)
Liu Hongcai to Visit Japan(2008.09.09)
Wang Jiarui to Visit Russia, Azerbaijan and Kyrgyzstan(2008.09.02)
Delegation of the Party of the European Left to Visit China(2008.09.02)
CPC Representative to attend the Avante! Festival of the Portuguese Communist Party(2008.08.29)
Delegation of the Nepali Congress to visit China(2008.08.26)
Cadre's study group from Vietnam to visit China(2008.08.19)
PPP study group to visit China(2008.08.19)
ROK Delegation of Trans-party Legislators to Visit China(2008.08.12)
Li Jingtian to Visit the DPRK(2008.07.22)
Zheng Xinli to Visit Laos(2008.07.22)
Sun Gan to Attend Italian PRC Congress(2008.07.18)
PP Young Politicians from Spain to Visit China(2008.07.15)
FPR Cadres from Rwanda to Visit China(2008.07.15)
Former Secretary-General of the LDP from Japan to Visit China(2008.07.15)
Delegation of the Nationalist Congress of India to visit China(2008.07.11)
Delegation from Kyrgyzstan to visit China(2008.07.11)
DPJ Vice-President to Visit China(2008.07.08)
APRA Delegation from Peru to Visit China(2008.07.04)
JVP Cadres from Sri Lanka to Visit China(2008.07.04)
Party Officials from East Timor to Visit China on Study Tour(2008.07.04)
Sudanese Party Delegation to Visit China(2008.07.04)
Study group of CPI(M) to visit China(2008.07.01)
Senior cadre study group of EDEK to visit China(2008.07.01)
Senior cadre study group of PPRD to visit China(2008.07.01)
LDP Delegation from Germany to Visit China(2008.07.01)
Li Mingbo to attend the 37th national congress of PSOE(2008.06.27)
A study group from Iran to visit China(2008.06.27)
Indian Young MPs to Visit China(2008.06.24)
Zhang Zhijun to Attend SI Congress(2008.06.24)
NKP Delegation from Japan to Visit China(2008.06.20)
Liu Hongcai to visit Vietnam(2008.06.20)
Deputy speaker of Lithuania to visit China(2008.06.17)
Bulgarian guest to visit China(2008.06.17)
ANC to Send a Study Group of Cadres to China(2008.06.16)
CPN (UML) Delegation to Visit China(2008.06.13)
Delegation of the Golkar Party to Visit China(2008.06.11)
Syrian Baath Party to Send a Study Group to China(2008.06.11)
ANC delegation to visit China(2008.06.06)
Senior party delegation of Morocco to visit China(2008.05.30)
East African Party Organ Delegation to Visit China(2008.05.27)
Mozambican Ruling Party to Send a Delegation to China(2008.05.20)
Eritrean Ruling Party to Send a Study Group to China(2008.05.20)
Ruling Coalition of Timor-Leste to Send a Delegation to China(2008.05.20)
Zhang Qihua to attend seminar of the Workers Party of Brazil and Sao Paulo Forum(2008.05.13)
Indian Chief Minister of Assam to Visit China(2008.05.09)
Surinamese Ruling Coalition to Send a Study Group to China(2008.05.09)
Sudanese Ruling Party to Send a Study Group to China(2008.05.09)
Delegation of the Social Democratic Party of Germany to visit China(2008.05.06)
Chen Fengxiang to attend international seminar in Azerbaijan(2008.04.30)
Vanuatu delegation to visit China(2008.04.30)
Portuguese Communist Party to visit China(2008.04.30)
CPC young cadre delegation to visit Greece, Austria and Germany(2008.04.23)
EPP-ED Delegation to visit China(2008.04.23)
CPC Representative to observe Fair Russia Congress and attend 2nd World Socialist Forum(2008.04.18)
Delegation of the General People's Congress of Yemen to visit China(2008.04.15)
Delegation of the International Department of the CPV Central Committee to visit China(2008.04.15)
CPV publicity officials to visit China(2008.04.15)
Delegation of the Bulgarian Social Democratic Party to visit China(2008.04.15)
LDP former Secretary-General to visit China(2008.04.15)
CPC Good-will Delegation to Visit Uganda and Ethiopia(2008.04.11)
Senior Lebanese Party Official to Visit China(2008.04.08)
Japanese Ruling Coalition Delegation to Visit China(2008.04.08)
Lu Hao to Visit Vietnam and the Maldives(2008.04.03)
DPP Delegation of Malawi to Visit China(2008.03.28)
Cadre Delegation of Fateh to Visit China(2008.03.28)
Study group of the Workers' Party of Korea to visit China(2008.03.25)
German Bundestag official to visit China(2008.03.25)
Delegation from Sierra Leone to visit China(2008.03.21)
Party delegation from Togo to visit China(2008.03.18)
Study group of Vietnam to visit China(2008.03.18)
Li Jinjun to visit India and Cyprus(2008.03.18)
Delegation of HRPP of Samoa to Visit China(2008.03.14)
Delegation of the Democratic Alternative Pole of Colombia to Visit China(2008.03.14)
CDU/CSU Parliamentary Group's Foreign Policy Speaker to Visit China(2008.03.14)
Senior Cuban Party Official to Visit China(2008.03.11)
Romanian Delegation to Visit China(2008.03.11)
Mongolian Study Group to Visit China(2008.03.07)
Fang Li to Observe the Sixth National Congress of the Communist Party of Moldova(2008.03.07)
Liu Hongcai to Visit Indonesia, Thailand and Pakistan(2008.03.05)
Delegation of young politicians of FDP to visit China(2008.02.20)
Delegation of the FUNCINPEC Party of Cambodia to visit China(2008.02.19)
Zhang Zhijun to visit Australia and Vanuatu(2008.02.13)
Wang Jiarui to visit Congo (Brazzaville), Cameroon and Togo(2008.02.13)
SI Secretary General to Visit China(2008.01.22)
SPD Young Politicians to Visit China(2008.01.22)
VRP Delegation to Visit China(2008.01.18)
CPRF Delegation to Visit China(2008.01.15)
Baath to Send a Study Group to China(2008.01.11)
Chen Fengxiang to visit Jamaica and Costa Rica(2008.01.08)
Turkmenistan party delegation to visit China(2008.01.08)
Mauritian party delegation to visit China(2008.01.08)
Lao delegation to visit China(2008.01.08)
PPRD Delegation to Visit China(2008.01.04)