The Party and the World Dialogue 2015 closes
 ( 2015.09.10 )

BEIJING, September 10 – The Party and the World Dialogue 2015 closed today in Beijing. During the three-day Dialogue, experts from China and the rest of the world engaged in in-depth discussions under the theme “To Discipline the Party: the Responsibility of the Party,” and shared their ideas and suggestions, while also gaining a more objective and comprehensive understanding of the context, measures, and practices of the CPC’s efforts in enforcing stricter party discipline.

Corruption is a universal challenge and problem facing the whole international community. Foreign participants of the Dialogue agreed that the CPC’s courage to take the problem head-on and its achievements in anti-corruption are admirable and the Party’s measures to enforce stricter party discipline and punish and prevent corruption have been very effective. By listening to presentations made by officials and experts from relevant authorities and having in-depth discussions, the participants gained a clear idea of the CPC’s resolution in making ever-lasting efforts to build a clean party and a clean government and institutional innovation in creating an effective mechanism ensuring that officials dare not, can not and will not become corrupt, and a deeper understanding of the notion that the Party must have strong self-discipline. They all expressed positive views on the CPC’s efforts to enforce stricter party discipline.

Strengthening international cooperation on anti-corruption in the context of globalization is an issue in which all participants from various countries share interest. The active efforts of China in recent years deeply impressed them. The participants called for enhanced coordination and collaboration, and more contribution from experts and scholars through education, research, and cooperation in relevant areas.

Participants, both Chinese and foreign, affirmed the success of the Dialogue. A number of dignitaries and political party leaders said that they benefited a lot by listening to ideas of elites from all around the world on the governance of political parties through the platform of the Dialogue. Scholars were excited about the face-to-face communication from “zero distance” with leaders of the CPC, saying that the theoretical thinking, institutional innovation and practices of the CPC provided unique fresh materials for their researches, and that they were anticipating the next year’s Dialogue and its theme.

The Party and the World Dialogue, including various events such as policy interpretation presentations, discussions, and field visits, opens an important window for the rest of the world to understand the CPC’s ideas and practices in governing China, fulfilling the role of a high-level platform for the official interpretation and communication of information regarding the CPC.

After the closing session, the hosts of the Dialogue invited representatives of the academia to a meeting with Chinese and foreign media agencies, on which they shared their impressions of the Dialogue and answered questions of the journalists.