Song Tao meets Singaporean foreign minister
 ( 2016.03.01 )

Minister Song Tao of the International Department of the CPC Central Committee met in Beijing on March 1st  with Singaporean Foreign Minister Vivian Balakrishnan. 

Song said that China-Singapore relations have been developed with the nurturing of several generations of leaders of the two countries and enjoy a solid foundation. Last year saw the historic exchange of visits by President Xi Jinping and President Tony Tan, which pointed the way forward for the development of China-Singapore relations. Song reaffirmed that China is willing to work with Singapore to implement the consensus of the top leaders to achieve better and faster growth of their relations, hoping that Singapore will play an active role in advancing China-ASEAN relations.

Song said that the CPC and the PAP have found a path of development suitable to the realities of the two countries after long-term explorations, with both facing common tasks and similar challenges in developing the economy and improving livelihood. The two parties can share experience in governance and party building, for which the International Department is ready to play an active role.

Underscoring that Singapore-China friendship should be cherished, Vivian said that the reason why the CPC and PAP can be in power uninterruptedly over the past decades is that both parties can renew themselves, keep pace with the times and put people at the center. At present, both Singapore and China face multiple challenges on political, economic and social fronts, making it more necessary for the two parties to strengthen exchanges and learn from one another. Singapore hopes that China will send more of its cadres, especially young officials, to visit or conduct study tours in Singapore so as to ensure good successors for the CPC-PAP friendship cause.