Song Tao Meets with Young Politicians of Cambodia People’s Party
 ( 2016.03.15 )

Beijing, March 15th --- Song Tao, minister of the International Department of the CPC Central Committee, met here today with a delegation of young politicians of the Cambodian People’s Party (CPP) led by Ke Bunkhieng, member of the CPP Central Committee and head of the CPP Central Youth Group.

Song said that Cambodia is a traditional friendly country to China and the party-to-party relations has strongly promoted the long-term, stable and sound development of China-Cambodia ties. Last year, the Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen attended the Asian Political Parties’ Special Conference on the Silk Road and reached important consensus with the Chinese President Xi Jinping on developing bilateral relationship. We shall translate the consensus reached by state leaders from both sides into reality, enhance strategic integration of development strategies, intensify youth exchanges, and promote China-Cambodia friendship. We appreciate the just stance held by Cambodia on core concerns of China and will continue to support Cambodia to follow a path of development suitable for its own national conditions under the leadership of prime minister Hun Sen and the CPP, said Song.

Ke Bunkhieng said that the Cambodia-China relations has entered the best era in history with personal care of prime minister Hun Sen and General Secretary Xi Jinping. The traditional friendship between the two countries has been ever growing; the development of “Belt and Road” has been integrating smoothly with relevant strategies in Cambodia; cooperation in various aspects between the CPP and the CPC is making progress stably. The CPP hopes to enhance communication with the CPC in state governance experience and facilitate even more exchanges between young politicians, so as to further contribute to pushing forward Cambodia-China relationship, said Ke Bunkhieng.