Song Tao Meets with PDP-Laban Delegation
 ( 2017.01.22 )


Beijing, January 22rd----Song Tao, Minister of the International Department of the CPC Central Committee met here today with the delegation led by Alfonso Cusi, Vice Chairman of the Philippine Democratic Party-Power of the People (PDP-Laban).

Song spoke positively of the current sound momentum of comprehensive development of China-Philippines relations and welcomed Cusi’s delegation to visit China at the invitation of the CPC. Song expressed that the CPC is willing to, together with the PDP-Laban, implement the important consensus reached between President Xi Jinping and President Rodrigo Duterte on developing bilateral ties, carry out cooperation in mutual learning in state governance, exchanges between young and middle-aged party members, boosting practical cooperation in various fields and other aspects by taking the formal establishment of friendly exchanges and cooperation between the two parties as a start, and constantly enhance political mutual trust so as to well play the political guiding role in China-Philippines relations.

Cusi noted that the PDP-Laban admires China’s great achievements under the leadership of the CPC and the CPC’s rich experience in governance and administration of state affairs. Attaching high importance to developing inter-party relations with the CPC, the PDP-Laban is willing to develop party-to-party exchanges and cooperation in all aspects so as to jointly promote the healthy and stable development of Philippines-China ties.