South and Southeast Asian Countries-China Political Leadership Dialogue Held in Nanning
 ( 2021.09.09 )

Nanning, September 9th—The South and Southeast Asian countries-China Political Leadership Dialogue co-organized by the International Department of the Central Committee of the CPC (IDCPC) and CPC Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Regional Committee is held here today. Themed on “strengthening cooperation among political parties and seek common economic development”, the event was attended by over 300 people, including leaders of over 40 major political parties, youth organization leaders and government representatives from South and Southeast Asian countries via video link. Nearly 30 diplomatic envoys from South and Southeast Asian countries to China were present at the event. Song Tao, Minister of the IDCPC and Lu Xinshe, Secretary of CPC Committee of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region attended and addressed the function.

Song Tao mainly introduced the great achievements China had made under the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core since the 18th CPC National Congress in 2012. He said, General Secretary Xi Jinping said “it is the unswerving goal of the CPC to ensure a happy life for the Chinese people, and promote peace and development of mankind.” The impact of COVID-19, compounded with major changes unseen in a century, brings new challenges for the development of the region. As the largest economy in the region, China has always strived to inject more stability and certainty to regional development. The CPC is willing to take the dialogue as an opportunity to strengthen strategic communication with political parties of all countries in the region, focus on development, give play to platforms such as Belt and Road political parties joint consultation mechanism, and boost practical cooperation in areas such as economy development, poverty alleviation, pandemic prevention and youth exchanges, so as to inject fresh impetus into regional development and make new contributions to people's well-being in the region. It is hoped that political parties of all regional countries will cooperate closely, jointly safeguard multilateralism, regional stability, development and prosperity, and resolutely oppose interference in regional affairs from countries outside the region, in a bid to build a community with a shared future for mankind.

Lu Xinshe said, Guangxi has given full play to its geographical advantages, and actively conducted inter-party exchange with political parties of South and Southeast Asian countries, achieving fruitful results in recent years. Gungxi hopes to enhance friendly exchanges with all parties through inter-party channels. Moreover, it hopes to, through this dialogue, share experience in governance and construction from a local perspective, share major opportunities brought by the Belt and Road Initiative and the New International Land-Sea Trade Corridor, make good use of cooperation platforms such as China-ASEAN Expo, boost practical cooperation among all sides and jointly advance regional economy.

Political heavyweights and diplomatic envoys to China including Bambang Soesatyo, Vice President of the Golkar Party and Chairman of the Indonesian People's Consultative Assembly, Sinlavong Khoutphaythoune, Member of the Political Bureau of the LPRP Central Committee, and President of the Lao Front for National Construction (LFNC) and Ganesh Prasad Timilsina, Chairman of National Assembly of Nepal spoke highly of the remarkable achievements China has  made under the leadership of General Secretary Xi Jinping since the 18th National Congress. They believed that while China has attained a complete victory in the fight against poverty, striving for common prosperity and promoting ethnic unity, China has also adhered to opening-up and shared development opportunities through platforms such as China International Fair for Trade in Services, China-ASEAN Expo and the Belt and Road Initiative, playing an important role in the global economic recovery. Political heavyweights present expressed that, South and Southeast Asian countries attach great importance to developing friendly ties with the CPC, and are willing to, together with the CPC, deepen exchanges, fight against the pandemic together, seek common development, cope with difficulties and challenges with solidarity and cooperation and strive for regional development and progress, in a bid to build a better world.

A joint initiative themed on the dialogue between the CPC and political parties in South and Southeast Asian countries was adopted at the dialogue. And forums themed on “deepening practical exchange and cooperation and jointly boost regional development—anti-epidemic and development forum” and “gathering the strengths of the youth and seeking new prospects in the post-pandemic era—leadership of Generation Z” were held.

Chen Zhou, Vice-minister of the International Department of the CPC Central Committee, Liu Xiaoming, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Committee of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Huang Weijing, Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Committee of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and Secretary General of the CPC Committee of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, and Wang Weiping, Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Committee of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and Director of Organization Department of the CPC Committee of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, were present.