Shen Beili Attends the Closing Ceremony of the Webinar for Cadres of FSLN of Nicaragua
 ( 2022.06.10 )

Beijing, June 10th—The closing ceremony of the webinar for the cadres of the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) of Nicaragua was held. Shen Beili, Vice-minister of the International Department of the CPC Central Committee, and Gustavo Porras Cortés, Member of FSLN National Council of Nicaragua and President of the National Assembly of Nicaragua attended the webinar and made concluding remarks respectively.

Shen spoke highly of the positive significance of the webinar in strengthening the exchange of experience in state governance and administration between the ruling parties of China and Nicaragua and enhancing their respective governing capacities. She expressed the CPC's willingness to take the success of the webinar as an opportunity to continuously consolidate and deepen CPC's friendly and cooperative relations with FSLN, and to promote the long-term and stable development of China-Nicaragua relations through inter-party exchanges.

Porras said that the webinar has strongly promoted mutual learning between the two Parties in party building, economic development, agriculture and poverty alleviation. FSLN is willing to further strengthen multi-level exchanges and cooperation with the CPC in a wide range of areas, and jointly promote the development of Nicaragua-China relations, so as to benefit the two countries and peoples.