Bertie Ahern, Former Leader of Fianna Fáil and Former Prime Minister of Ireland Meets with Liu Jianchao
 ( 2023.06.26 )

Dublin, June 23rd—Bertie Ahern, former leader of Fianna Fáil, former Prime Minister of Ireland, and Co-chair of the InterAction Council, met here today with Liu Jianchao, Minister of the International Department of the CPC Central Committee.

Ahern congratulated China on the great achievements in economic and social development and in successfully lifting hundreds of millions of people out of poverty, and expressed full confidence in China's development prospects. He said, both Ireland and China cherish respective excellent traditional culture, and attach importance to education, innovation and development. He looked forward to deepening exchanges and cooperation between the two countries in various fields to benefit the two countries and the two peoples. The world today is facing a series of challenges. Only by adhering to multilateralism, developing an open world economy and strengthening international cooperation can countries jointly maintain world peace, stability and prosperity. The InterAction Council is willing to strengthen cooperation with the Chinese side and jointly contribute to solving the challenges facing mankind.

Liu spoke positively of Ahern's important contributions to the development of China-Ireland relations and China-European Union (EU) relations during his tenure as Prime Minister. Liu also introduced the connotation of Chinese modernization and the opportunities it brings to the world, and expounded on the world significance of the Global Development Initiative, the Global Security Initiative and the Global Civilization Initiative.

Liu said, since the establishment of diplomatic relations, China-Ireland relations have always maintained healthy and stable development. Despite different history, culture and social system of the two sides, our two sides have adhered to mutual respect, tolerated differences, continuously consolidated mutual trust, constantly expanded consensus, and carried out exchanges and cooperation on the basis of equality and mutual benefit. We are willing to further promote the stable development of China-Ireland relations and China-EU relations, and join hands to address challenges such as climate change and global public health. The CPC is willing to strengthen inter-party exchanges and cooperation with all political parties of Ireland, exchange experience in state governance and administration, push economic and trade cooperation, and enhance non-governmental friendship. The Chinese side is willing to strengthen communication and coordination with the Irish side and continue to play an active role in upholding multilateralism and maintaining regional peace and stability.