Liu Jianchao Meets with Eric Alauzet, President of the France-China Friendship Group of the National Assembly
 ( 2023.10.20 )

Paris, October 10th—Liu Jianchao, Minister of the International Department of the CPC Central Committee, met here today with Eric Alauzet, President of the France-China Friendship Group of the National Assembly, and had discussions with the France-China Friendship Group.

Liu said, for China and France, both permanent members of the United Nations Security Council with splendid civilization, cooperation far outweighs competition, and consensus far outweighs disagreement. Both sides maintain close exchanges at various levels and across different fields while deepening practical cooperation. Faced with a volatile international situation, China and France, as two forces in the multi-polar world, should strengthen dialogue and cooperation to make the world more stable. Nowadays, the highly integrated world economy and the interdependent and common development of different economies offer opportunities rather than risks. The rise of developing countries is an unstoppable trend of the times. It is hoped that the international community will strengthen solidarity and coordination, act on true multilateralism, safeguard economic globalization and the international system with the United Nations at its core, eliminate civilization barriers and prejudices, and show our common aspiration of peaceful development to the world.

Stepping up exchanges between legislatures and ruling parties is crucial for facilitating state-to-state relations and mutual understanding. Adhering to the principle of “going beyond ideological differences”, the CPC has always actively conducted friendly exchanges with political parties of all other countries, aiming to enhance mutual understanding and learning, and maintain healthy relations with other countries. President Alauzet and all other deputies of the French National Assembly are welcome to visit China in due course, to deepen exchanges and cooperation between both sides and push China-France relations for greater development.

Alauzet and members of the France-China Friendship Group warmly welcomed the Chinese delegation. They expressed their hope for the resumption of close exchanges in all fields and at all levels between China and France after the pandemic. The delegation of the French National Assembly hoped to visit China at the earliest opportunity. The France-China Friendship Group expressed the willingness to foster exchanges between the political parties, governments, and legislatures of both nations, thereby contributing to France-China relationship. Amid the context of complex relationships among major countries and persistent regional conflicts, enhancing strategic coordination and cooperation between China and France can yield numerous benefits not only for both countries but also for the world. Despite different histories, cultures, and values, the consensus rises above the differences. The French side is willing to, together with the Chinese side, respect each other, engage in dialogue with sincerity, accommodate differences, and encourage openness and innovation. The French side firmly rejects notions such as superiority of certain civilizations, and hopes to enhance cultural cooperation with the Chinese side. What’s more, the French side opposes decoupling and severing supply chains, and hopes for more stable and open supply chains and the protection of international trade rules. Altogether, it is hoped that both sides will jointly face challenges like climate change and public health issues, protect biodiversity and promote global multipolarity.

Liu also introduced China’s economic development prospects, concepts, and foreign policies and China's principled positions on responding to global challenges like climate change upon inquiry. Both sides also engaged in a thorough discussion concerning the Ukraine issue.