"China in Sight, Global Insight" Forum 2023 Held
 ( 2023.12.04 )

Shenzhen, December 1st—the "China in Sight, Global Insight" Forum 2023 was held here today. Organized by the International Department of the CPC Central Committee (IDCPC) and the CPC Shenzhen Municipal Committee, the forum centered on the theme of "Chinese Modernization and High-quality Belt and Road Cooperation". Liu Jianchao, Minister of the IDCPC, and Meng Fanli, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Guangdong Provincial Committee and Secretary of the CPC Shenzhen Municipal Committee, attended the event. Approximately 150 political heavyweights, think tank leaders, business representatives, and media professionals from 30 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, and Oceania attended the event.

In his keynote speech, Liu said, Chinese modernization and the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) have become two crucial perspectives for the international community to observe and understand China's developmental endeavors. Chinese modernization unfolds a story of a late-developing nation catching up, an ancient civilization regaining its glory, a story of always upholding the principle of putting people first, and a story of achieving self-improvement while bringing benefit to the world. The Chinese people have deepened their understanding of the laws governing the development of civilization over a long period of exploration and seeking. Under the leadership of the CPC, the Chinese people have completed in a few decades the process of industrialization that took developed countries hundreds of years, and forged a distinctive path to modernization with its deep soil of civilization. Chinese modernization unwaveringly puts the people first. It is the modernization of common prosperity for all, the modernization of material and cultural-ethical advancement, the modernization of harmony between humanity and nature, and the modernization of peaceful development. China will strive to provide new opportunities for world development through Chinese modernization and make new contributions to the building of a community with a shared future for mankind.

Liu said, the BRI, proposed ten years ago, has strengthened economic and social connections among the countries, promoted global connectivity, and enhanced the internal impetus of developing countries. It has become a vital practical platform for all parties to jointly build a community with a shared future for mankind. Entering a new stage, the Belt and Road cooperation will focus on connectivity and build an open and inclusive foundation for world modernization, deepen practical cooperation to depict a vibrant picture of global modernization, refine cooperation mechanisms to shape a balanced pattern that benefits all for global modernization, and enhance exchanges and mutual learning to create an atmosphere for global modernization to enrich each other. The CPC will continue to advance and expand the path to Chinese modernization, join hands with all parties to build high-quality Belt and Road cooperation, implement the three major global initiatives, and jointly write a new chapter in the story of global modernization.

Meng said, Shenzhen is a crucial gateway to China's opening-up and an active participant and promoter of the Belt and Road cooperation. Over the past decade, Shenzhen has continuously deepened exchanges and cooperation with cities, regions, and enterprises of the Belt and Road countries, presenting a distinctive and dynamic silk road story of Shenzhen to the world. Shenzhen is accelerating the building of an economic center city and a modern international metropolis with more global influence, striving to take the lead in promoting Chinese modernization, and will continue to play a good role as an important city connecting domestic and international circulations, actively participate in the Belt and Road cooperation, and create a better tomorrow with everyone.

Foreign guests spoke highly of the important reference provided by Chinese modernization and the important driving force that the Belt and Road cooperation has offered to global economic and social development.

Roque Silva Samuel, Secretary-General of the Mozambique Liberation Front, stated that under the leadership of General Secretary Xi Jinping, the CPC has led the Chinese people in advancing Chinese modernization and made tremendous achievements in economic and social development, bringing hope and confidence to many developing countries, including the African countries. Many African countries have benefited from the BRI and are willing to work with the Chinese side to conduct high-quality Belt and Road cooperation.

Danilo Turk, former President of Slovenia, said, the world is facing severe challenges such as poverty, war, and global warming. Countries should work together, oppose trade wars, reject "decoupling" and "de-risking", resist confrontation, and advocate for equal cooperation, and mutual benefit and win-win results. Countries should seize the opportunities of the Belt and Road cooperation, increase infrastructure connectivity, strengthen cooperation in areas such as e-commerce, environmental technology, and digital economy, and create a better future together.

Ayad Allawi, former Prime Minister of Iraq, said, the BRI represents a vision of pursuing development, progress, and modernization, which is conducive to promoting world peace, development, and justice. The CPC emphasizes that Chinese modernization is a modernization of peaceful development, indicating that China will move forward hand in hand with other countries, strengthen equal dialogue, deepen mutually beneficial cooperation, and promote common development and prosperity.

Bhokin Bhalakula, former President of the National Assembly of Thailand, said, achieving modernization is a common pursuit of all countries. The Chinese people, under the leadership of the CPC, have found a path to modernization that suits China's national conditions, not only realizing its own development but also making significant contributions to the world through technological innovation. China's proposal of eight major steps China will take to support high-quality Belt and Road cooperation shows that China will remain committed to deepening cooperation with other countries to achieve common prosperity.

Representatives from home and abroad held in-depth discussions on topics such as "Chinese modernization and the BRI cooperation", "Chinese modernization and scientific and technological innovation", and "Chinese modernization and sustainable development". During the forum, representatives from eight international think tanks joined the signing ceremony of the Silk Road Think Tank Association. The initiative of the "China in Sight, Global Insight" Forum 2023 was also adopted.

Guo Yezhou, Vice-minister of the IDCPC and Co-Chairman of the Council of the Silk Road Think Tank Association presided over the opening ceremony.