Liu Jianchao Meets with Kamal Kharrazi, Head of Iran’s Strategic Council on Foreign Relations
 ( 2023.12.11 )

Tehran, December 6th—Liu Jianchao, Minister of the International Department of the CPC Central Committee (IDCPC), met here today with Kamal Kharrazi, Head of Iran’s Strategic Council on Foreign Relations.

Liu said, developing a close strategic relationship is a historic choice made by China and Iran, which is in the interests of both sides and the region. We hope to have in-depth communication with political organizations and political parties such as Iran’s Strategic Council on Foreign Relations on bilateral relations, governance concepts and international and regional situations, firmly support each other on issues involving each other's core interests, give full play to the advantages of inter-party exchanges, promote practical cooperation, and continuously enrich the connotation of China-Iran comprehensive strategic partnership. The world today is undergoing major changes unseen in a century. The status of emerging markets and developing countries is generally increasing, while the formation of a multi-polar international landscape is accelerating. The Chinese side hopes to, together with developing countries including Iran, deepen solidarity and cooperation, promote world multipolarity, economic globalization, and democratization of international relations, prevent conflicts of civilizations through exchanges and mutual learning, and promote global governance in a more fair and reasonable direction. It is hoped that all parties will jointly safeguard the international system with the United Nations at its core and the international order based on international law, reject camp-based confrontation, oppose forming small circles targeted at other countries, work together to respond to global challenges, and contribute to world peace and security.

Kharrazi said, under the leadership of President Xi Jinping, China's development has attracted worldwide attention and China's international status has been significantly improved. The Global Development Initiative, the Global Security Initiative, and the Global Civilization Initiative are of great significance to jointly building a peaceful and stable world. Currently, the international situation and international order are undergoing complex changes. The international community, especially the major countries, is faced with the choice of peace or confrontation, cooperation or division. Strengthening cooperation among Global South countries plays an increasingly important role in maintaining the momentum of the collective rise of developing countries and promoting world economic growth. Iran hopes to play a greater role in multilateral platforms such as the BRICS and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. The Strategic Council on Foreign Relations is committed to strategically strengthening relations with China, and is willing to work with the IDCPC to further strengthen mutual learning of diplomatic concepts, foreign policy communication, and coordination of international affairs, safeguard national independence, security, and development, and promote cultural and educational exchanges and dialogue among civilizations for common development.

Both sides also exchanged views on the situation in the Middle East, major-country relations and other topics.