Zhao Shitong Attends an Exchange Meeting on the Spirit of China's Two Sessions of 2024 Themed on "Sharing New Opportunities for High-quality Developmentā€
 ( 2024.03.29 )

On March 27th, the China Economic Cooperation Center of the International Department of the CPC Central Committee (IDCPC) held an exchange meeting on the spirit of China's Two Sessions of 2024 themed on "sharing new opportunities for high-quality developmentā€ for representatives of foreign business community in China. Zhao Shitong, Assistant-minister of the IDCPC, attended and addressed the function. Relevant comrades and experts from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the China Center for International Economic Exchanges, the Ministry of State Security, and the University of International Relations interpreted the spirit of China's Two Sessions centering on such topics as China's macroeconomic situation, China's business environment, policies for opening up and attracting foreign investment, and the implementation of the Counter-Espionage Law. More than 50 representatives of the foreign business community in China from 20 countries and regions including the United States, Russia, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Japan, Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden, Azerbaijan, Slovenia, Australia, Malaysia, Lebanon, Brazil, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and some economic and trade officials from foreign embassies in China attended the meeting.  

Zhao said, the Two Sessions of 2024 laid out China's main development targets and tasks, sending out a more positive signal for the medium and long-term economic development. It is hoped that the foreign business community will strengthen confidence in developing in China and cooperating with China, accurately seize the opportunities of the close integration and development of China's economy and the world economy, and work with China to promote a universally beneficial and inclusive economic globalization.  

Experts present gave an in-depth interpretation of the spirit of China's Two Sessions of 2024 and a series of policies recently issued by the Chinese government to stabilize foreign investment and foreign trade, and answered questions from the representatives.  

Representatives of the foreign business community in China and diplomats thanked the China Economic Cooperation Center for providing a pragmatic and efficient communication platform. Calling the meeting frank and open, and the experts' explanation professional and practical, they said the meeting enabled them to gain a clearer understanding of China's policies, concepts and development goals, and further strengthened foreign enterprises' confidence in working with China to cope with changes and develop together.