Zhao Shitong Meets with Yasushi Kudo, Representative from the Genron NPO of Japan
 ( 2024.04.12 )

Beijing, April 10th—Zhao Shitong, Assistant-minister of the International Department of the CPC Central Committee, met here today on the morning with Yasushi Kudo, Representative from the Genron NPO of Japan and Chairman of the Japanese Executive Committee of the Beijing-Tokyo Forum.  

Zhao said, the world today is undergoing both transformation and upheaval. China and Japan should strengthen dialogue and cooperation, develop bilateral relations and make due contributions to coping with global challenges. It is hoped that the two sides will make good use of the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Beijing-Tokyo Forum to strengthen communication on how to establish correct mutual understanding and explore the way of good-neighborly relations so as to promote the sound and steady development of China-Japan relations.  

Yasushi Kudo highly spoke of the unique and important role of inter-party exchanges in the development of Japan-China relations, saying that the Japanese side is willing to cooperate with the Chinese side to successfully host the 20th Tokyo-Beijing Forum, strengthen strategic dialogue, and make efforts to enable Japan to view Japan-China relations from a global perspective and cope with the turbulent world.