Sun Haiyan Meets with Members of a Seminar of Media Leaders of Global Political Parties
 ( 2024.04.23 )

Beijing, April 21st—Sun Haiyan, Vice-minister of the International Department of the CPC Central Committee (IDCPC), met here today with members of a seminar who are leaders and media leaders of nearly 30 political parties from more than 20 countries.  

Sun said, political parties, as representatives and guides of public opinion, attach great importance to using the media to explain political party's philosophy, guide and mobilize the people, and promote national development. The CPC is willing to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with all friendly political parties and their media outlets to jointly cope with the challenges brought about by the changes unseen in a century and the development of information technology, expand "political parties + media" cooperation, strengthen the voice of fairness and justice in the world, safeguard the common rights and interests of the Global South, and advance the progress of human civilizations. Political party media outlets from various countries are welcome to make good use of this visit to China to visit more places, and actively publish objective reports, to help people of all countries understand the real China and the CPC.  

The foreign guests said the great achievements of Chinese modernization inspired and enlightened relevant countries to explore modernization paths that suit their own national conditions. They are willing to actively publicize China's economic and social development achievements and create a good public opinion atmosphere and public opinion foundation for the development of bilateral relations. They expressed the readiness to work with the CPC in the future to stand on the right side of history, actively participate in "political parties + media" exchanges and cooperation, promote cooperation in various fields for more results, jointly respond to global challenges, and jointly safeguard international fairness and justice.