Minister Wang Jiarui Talks about Foreign Congratulatory Messages
Received on 18th CPC National Congress

BEIJING, Dec. 4 -- The just-concluded 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China has drawn unprecedented attention from the world, and received an avalanche of messages from foreign political parties, political leaders and civil organizations congratulating its convention and on the election of the new leadership team. Minister Wang Jiarui of the International Department of the CPC Central Committee was interviewed by Xinhua News Agency on December 4th and shared some information in this regard.

Xinhua: Minister Wang, would you please tell us about the congratulations on the 18th National Congress from foreign political parties, political leaders and social organizations? 

Wang: Congratulatory messages snowed in from political parties, government leaders, and various organizations of the world around the time of the Congress. By far, we have received 965 faxed or emailed messages. The senders include 371 political parties and 102 other organizations as well as senior leaders such as heads of state and heads of government.

We see four features distinctive in the messages to this Congress from previous times. First, they are large in number. We received far more pieces of message this time compared with previous congresses, which shows the party's external relations have continuously expanded. Second, many have come early in time. Prior to the opening of the congress on November 8th, we had received 248 congratulatory messages which reflected the close attention paid by foreign political parties and leaders. Third, the senders are mostly high in position. Nearly a hundred heads of state, heads of government, party leaders and former national leaders had sent their congratulations. Fourth, they are from a wide range. Besides political parties and leaders, there are also messages from international organizations, NGOs and friendly personages either on the convention of the Congress or on the election of the new leadership. This indicates that the CPC has attracted broader international attention.

Xinhua: Please share with us what the messages say about the Congress. 

Wang: They do say a lot. First, they speak positively of the historic significance of the Congress, noting that the Congress bears not only to the destiny of China, but also to the development, stability and prosperity of the world at large. Second, they highly commend China's splendid achievements in political, economic, cultural and social fields thirty years on since the "Reform and Opening-up", and particularly in the recent decade, and also China's important contribution to world peace and development. Third, they recognize our success in finding the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics through practice, believing that this path, which is in line with China's national realities and responsive to the call of the time, will lead China to its future development. Fourth, they wish for a more active role played by China on the global arena. Especially those from developing countries have expressed eagerness to see China more actively engaged in global affairs, with continued efforts to safeguard the rights and interests of the weak and small, and work to make the international order more just and equitable. At the same time, those from developed countries hope that China will shoulder larger responsibilities as a major developing power, actively participate in global governance and contribute to world economic development.

Xinhua: What do the messages say about the new leadership team? 

Wang: Among the messages, quite a number are directed to General Secretary Xi Jinping and other members of the new central leadership, congratulating on their election. They are full of passion, expectation and high attribute. Firstly, it is widely held that Mr. Xi Jinping's election as General Secretary is the choice of history and of the whole Party. Much credit is given to the congress for electing outstanding and experienced officials into the new central leadership. It is believed that headed General Secretary Xi Jinping and his team, the CPC will lead the Chinese people forward along the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics and will play a more important role on the global arena. Secondly, it is observed that the success in the CPC's leadership will ensure continuity of China's development strategies. It is in itself a demonstration that the CPC is a party full of vigor and vitality with a maturing mechanism of leadership succession. Thirdly, it is believed that with the Scientific Outlook on Development as its guiding theory, the CPC will flesh out the five-faceted development plan and press ahead with reform and write new chapters of China's development. Fourthly, China is expected to face various risks, challenges and a series of grave tests in its new historic journey. Yet there is confidence in the new CPC leadership that it will brave the challenges, seize the important historic opportunities, score new achievements in their office and press ahead the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Fifthly, there are positive remarks on the bilateral exchanges and cooperation with the CPC and much willingness to work for new development in the party-to-party and state-to-state relations. The CPC is now highly regarded in international standing and influence by foreign political parties and leaders, hence they pledged in their messages to continue the multi-layered and wide-ranging cooperation with us, to jointly safeguard regional and global peace and stability, and to promote world development and prosperity. They have also expressed hope to have closer contact and engagement with the new central leadership with General Secretary Xi Jinping and his team to explore new ways of deepening relations at both party and state levels under the new conditions, and upgrade the bilateral ties to a new level.

Xinhua: What implications are we to get from these messages? 

Wang: The fact that the Congress has received so much attention and nearly a thousand passionate messages of congratulation implies that our Party is more closely connected with the world; that the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics is winning more and more understanding and appreciation from the international community; that our Party is enjoying rising international influence and image; that more and more political parties and organizations in the world are keen to have dealings with us. We believe that led by the new central leadership with Mr. Xi Jinping as the general secretary, the external work of the Party will continue to score greater development, and the friendly exchanges and cooperation between China and other countries will see continuous expansion.