Special Reports
China-WANA Dialogue on"Vision for Future Development"(2014.04.16)
Launch of CPC's 90 Years of External Exchange and seminar held in Beijing(2013.07.09)
IDCPC: Differences in System and Ideology Not Keeping CPC and African Parties Apart(2012.07.19)
IDCPC: CPC Having Ties with 81 Political Parties in Africa(2012.07.19)
China's Party publicity organ opens to foreign diplomats(2012.05.24)
IDCPC Holds Thematic Briefing on the Sixth Plenary Session of the 17th CPC
Central Committee for Foreign Diplomats in Beijing
The International Department Holds Briefing for Diplomats on The White
Paper on China's Peaceful Development
CPC briefs foreign diplomats on Hu Jintao's speech on CPC's 90th founding anniversary(2011.07.04)
China Focus:International Department of CPC Central Committee opens up to foreign reporters(2011.06.10)
Netizens' First Tour into IDCPC(2011.04.01)
China Center for Contemporary World Studies Founded in Beijing(2011.01.27)
Chinese vice president says maintaining peace top task for Party's diplomacy(2011.01.17)
CPC CC International Department Determined to Boost External Work of the
Party in Scientific Way
China's Reform and Opening-up: One of the Most Significant Events of the
20th Century -- Foreign Politicians Hail China's Course over the Past Thirty