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Voices from the "China in Sight, Global Insight" Forum 2023
2023.12.03 / Source: Xinhua

On December 1st, the "China in Sight, Global Insight" Forum 2023 was held in Shenzhen, attracting about 150 guests from 30 countries. The forum focused on discussing Chinese modernization and the high-quality Belt and Road cooperation.  

Participants expressed that Chinese modernization provides important reference for countries exploring paths suited to their own national conditions. The high-quality Belt and Road cooperation provides strong impetus for global economic and social development. Countries should work together to create a better future.  

Roque Silva Samuel, Secretary-General of the Mozambique Liberation Front, stated that Chinese modernization and the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) have set an example for all countries in sustainable development, scientific and technological innovation and cooperation, and promoted global economic development towards a more open, inclusive, and balanced direction. The experience of the CPC can serve as an inspiration for countries worldwide to accelerate technological innovation through hard work.  

Silva emphasized that Chinese modernization and the BRI benefit participating countries in areas such as technological innovation, environmental protection, and productivity development. Mozambique should fully learn from China's development experience and models to further promote vibrant cooperation between Mozambique and China.  

Danilo Turk, former President of Slovenia, said that Chinese modernization and the BRI have played and will continue to play an important role in promoting economic and social development of China and the world. The BRI provides new opportunities for cooperation and development for countries worldwide, and countries should further strengthen cooperation in infrastructure construction, e-commerce, service trade, and the digital economy.  

Danilo Turk said that the significant opportunities presented by China's policies are unfolding in front of the world. Seizing these opportunities requires promoting high-quality cooperation. He hoped that leaders of various countries, including Slovenia, would truly see these opportunities, further strengthen cooperation with China, and enhance bilateral relations.  

Ayad Allawi, former Prime Minister of Iraq, stated that the BRI is not only a road to prosperity and progress but also a road to peace. The BRI embodies a comprehensive concept and approach, providing Chinese solutions in helping countries eliminate poverty and achieve justice, equality and peace, and demonstrates China's determination to promote dialogue through development and commitment to world peace, stability and development.  

Allawi highly appreciated the creativity and enlightening nature of the BRI and recognized China's efforts to promote world development, peace, and modernization. He hoped that countries could resolve differences and disputes through cooperation and dialogue and jointly address global challenges, including climate change.  

Bhokin Bhalakula, former President of the National Assembly of Thailand, stated that humanity is facing complex challenges and requires cooperation rather than confrontation, and partnership rather than polarization. The CPC has successfully explored a unique development path that puts people first, is environmentally friendly and pursues peaceful development, which has implications for countries worldwide.  

Bhokin said that the forum embodies the spirit of dialogue, exchange, and mutual learning. China is planting flowers rather than thorns in the garden of human civilization, aiming to share the achievements of China's modernization with the world and achieve common prosperity among all countries.