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The People-centered Approach Deeply Integrated into 12345 Hotline Operation
2024.04.11 / Source:

A special call came through to the Beijing 12345 hotline service center on the morning of April 10th. It was a tourist from Brazil, speaking Portuguese, who had lost their luggage at the airport. Without hesitation, the hotline operator swiftly connected with a Portuguese-speaking staff member from a multilingual service center at Beijing Foreign Studies University. Through a three-way conversation, the caller's situation and needs were promptly relayed to the operator, who wasted no time in recording the details and initiating the necessary actions...  

Laughter, applause, and awe: Foreign guests' unforgettable encounter with 12345  

The scene that unfolded at the Beijing 12345 hotline service center left everyone in awe. It turns out that the caller on the other end was Ricardo Campos, a member of the visiting study group from the Brazilian Workers' Party as well as a member of the Legislative Assembly of Minas Geras of Brazil.  

On that eventful morning, The delegation, consisting of 27 senior members from the Brazilian Labor Party, explored the Beijing 12345 hotline service center on the morning of April 10.  

Their journey began on the ground floor, where they were introduced to the center's big data analysis platform, providing insights into the center's inception and development. The officials in charge explained how the center embodies the CPC's commitment to serving the people. They highlighted the four key roles of the 12345 hotline: a "bridge of connection" between the Party, the government, and the people; a "barometer" reflecting social and public sentiment; a "customer service hub" for urban operations; and a "database" capturing and analyzing the needs of the people.  

While watching the promotional video "Your Voice" and the case study video "Democratic Participation, Responding to People's Demands," the delegation members were fully engaged, nodding in approval from time to time. 

When the on-site translator explained the widely known rhyme "Dial 1234512345, find the government when you need help," the guests couldn't help but share a knowing smile.  

As they saw the real-time updates on the big screen of the big data analysis platform, showing over 10,000 consultation and complaint cases being handled, with an average of 60,000 to 70,000 cases per day, the guests were amazed, their eyes widening and cheers filling the room.  

When they learned that the 12345 hotline had received a staggering 21.438 million citizen feedbacks in 2023, with an impressive resolution rate of 94.3% and a satisfaction rate of 95.2%, thunderous applause erupted in the hall.  

After observing the hotline operators in the service hotline hall, Campos suddenly got inspired and immediately grabbed his phone to dial 12345, recreating the scene described at the beginning of the article.  

The 12345 hotline in Beijing also caters to the needs of foreigners, providing services in 8 languages with 24-hour availability. It has successfully addressed their challenges and improved their convenience and overall experience while living and working in China.  

Healthcare access, dog ownership, and smoking control: Common challenges faced by developing countries to modernization  

During a Q&A session, participants posed a range of inquiries. These questions encompassed not only topics related to urban governance, such as the scope of issues handled by the 12345 hotline, how satisfaction is measured, and do other cities in China have similar mechanisms, but also more relatable concerns regarding personal rights, such as how to dispatch orders when receiving reports on public health and public security issues. Some guests even brought up down-to-earth issues like how to address the problem of unleashed dogs in the community or smoking in shared areas of apartment buildings.  

Miguel Ângelo, a member of the Legislative Assembly of the Workers’ Party of Minas Geras and a member of the national committee, showed particular interest in tackling healthcare challenges. He mentioned that the Lula administration is currently introducing the "More Doctors" program to enhance medical services. He expressed a desire to deepen the exchanges of state governance experience with Chinese counterparts and jointly explore the path to modernization. This objective holds significant importance for the delegation's visit to China.  

China's wisdom, China's experience, China's achievements: A people-centered approach is deeply integrated into the hotline operation   

According to a principal of the center, the 12345 hotline serves as a strong bond between the Party, the government, and the people. It ensures that there is always someone taking care of things, providing prompt assistance, and addressing every concern. Through initiatives like the "monthly topic," the center actively tackles pressing issues that affect people's daily lives, shifting from a reactive approach to proactive governance. This not only enhances the well-being of the people but also elevates the standards of urban management. Moreover, by incorporating public satisfaction rates into the annual assessments of Party leaders and government officials, their sense of duty and commitment to serving the people were reinforced.  

The high satisfaction rate is a testament to the fact that the opinions of the people have been given due consideration and effectively addressed, said Miguel Ângelo, adding that the CPC has demonstrated remarkable efficiency in modernizing the national governance system and its ability to govern, making it a noteworthy case study.  

Maria Nogueira, a member of the national committee of the Brazilian Workers Party and deputy mayor of Santana city, Amapá State, emphasized that the Workers Party upholds the principles of labor socialism and is a political party dedicated to serving the working class. The 12345 hotline is an exceptionally effective channel through which the CPC connects with the masses. These practices and experiences are worth earnest study and emulation, she said.  

Romenio Pereira, a member of the national executive committee of the Workers Party and secretary for international relations of the Workers' Party highlighted that the operation and maintenance of such a large hotline center are unique political and organizational advantages of the CPC's leadership. This is a great fortune for the Chinese people.  

Upon concluding the visit, Gleisi Hoffmann, head of the delegation and president of the Workers’Party, expressed admiration for the establishment of the 12345 platform. The integration of resources and efforts from various parties exemplifies the CPC's commitment to putting the people first and serving them wholeheartedly, which is truly commendable. The Workers Party also faces significant challenges in improving people's well-being and addressing poverty, which are fundamental issues in a capitalist system. He also expressed the hope to learn from the CPC and chart their own path towards modernization.  

On the second day of visiting the hotline service center, Campos' luggage was found after collaborative efforts.